What Makes the Tri Merle Unique?

Tri merle micro bully in park
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American bully is a modern breed of dog that was created especially as a companion pet. It was in 2004 that this particular dog breed was recognized and standardized. It can be found in a variety of sizes, but this dog gives an impression of great strength according to its size. As there are numerous American bully varieties, the micro bully is the most loved one because of its small size. The tri merle micro bully is a comparatively newer breed and is becoming increasingly popular among dog enthusiasts.

Basically, a micro bully is created by selecting a small pocket American bully so that it can be bred to extreme proportions. As it is not a closed gene pool, breeders perform different experiments by breeding it with a French bulldog and a shorty bull. As the overall popularity of the micro bully tri merle grows, so does the requirement for more information about this American bully breed. If you want to own one, it would be better to know the history, physical characteristics and the myths surrounding it.

A Lilac Tri Merle Micro Bully sits comfortably in a living room, its coat displaying a blend of brown, lilac, white, and beige patches.

Tri Merle Micro Bully Phenomenon

Micro bully is famous for being found in all sorts of colors. Whether it is black, fawn or lilac, you will easily get the desired color in a micro bully. When it is about the tri-colored micro bully, there are numerous color patterns, each with its distinct features. In a tri merle micro bully, the fur patches are mottled and quite different in color. As a micro bully can be presented in any color, it is possible to effectively add a third color anywhere when there would typically be two.

It is worth mentioning that a micro bully tri merle doesn’t have a tri color; this is why the top kennel clubs in America and other countries don’t recognize Merle because they believe that this particular color can be associated with certain health problems. As there are additional health concerns regarding a micro bully with tri merle color, the responsible dog breeders try not to breed it.

An energetic Chocolate Tri Merle Micro Bully runs on green grass, its chocolate coat contrasting with the colorful garden backdrop.

Different Colors of a Tri Merle Micro Bully

There are a number of people who name a Merle micro bully as a tri Merle one. So, the tri Merle micro bully is the given name, as it tends to feature three different colors in the dog’s coat.

Blue Tri Merle

It is almost the same as the Blue Merle micro bully. This dog comes with a blue, white, tan and grey coat color, while the pattern is a completely distinct mottled one. Normally, the coat is blue and grey, and we are able to see tan and white patches throughout the body of the micro bully. A micro bully with a blue tri merle color normally has blue or brown eyes, and its nose could be grey or black, with pink patches.

Lilac Tri Merle

This is another color pattern that dog owners love. The lilac micro bully tri merle has a brown, lilac, white and beige coat and has a mottled pattern. The coat is actually lilac, but you will find beige, brown and white patches spreading throughout the dog’s body. The nose of this micro bully is light brown, and you will notice small pink patches on it. In the majority of cases, the lilac tri merle dog comes with blue eyes.

Chocolate Tri Merle

This coat pattern on the micro bully is like the lilac one, but you will find the patches to be much dark brown throughout the coat. The beige, lilac, brown and white patches are there in a mottled pattern. The chocolate tri colored merle micro bully could either have blue or brown eyes, and there are pink patches on its nose.

A Tri Merle Micro Bully stands on a cliff with the ocean sunset behind, showcasing its distinct blue, tan, and grey coat.

Why is Micro Bully Tri Merle a Rare Breed?

The tri merle micro bully is less common when we compare it with single-colored or two-colored counterparts. The following are some of the main reasons for it to be a rare micro bully breed.

It is considered to be a Mismark

Sometimes an American bully with a tri color is known as a mismark because its coat color is not able to meet the breed’s traditional standards. When we have a look at the show rings, they normally prefer micro bullies with a single or two colors. So, a micro bully with a merle tri color can have a disadvantage in competition with these dogs.

It is Not Bred Purposely

People normally consider the micro bully Merle tri to be a mixed breed. This is why it is not bred purposely by the breeders, as most buyers love to have pure dog breeds. There is a strong perception that a micro bully with a tri color is mixed, and the misconception is formulated because of the distinctive colors. So, the breeders try to avert the losses by not breeding the micro bullies of these coat colors.

There Could be Breeding Challenges

If there is one micro bully parent with a tri color and the other with a recessive gene, only then you can breed a merle tri-colored offspring. It can become a challenge for most dog breeders because two merle tri-colored micro bullies with the same coat color can be difficult to find. So, it is challenging to create such a dog, and sometimes, one must wait months before finding one.

Final Thoughts

The coat color in a tri merle micro bully is a genetic trait passed down from the parents to the pups. It is possible to express this allele in numerous ways, and that is why we are able to see different color variations in a micro bully. Although the micro bully tri merle may not be as healthy as other color variations, the majority of people find it to be a beautiful and unique dog that they appreciate. When we talk about the temperament of the micro bully, it comes with a great personality and is an ideal dog to make a family member.