The Incredible Black Color of the Micro Bully

A photograph of a solid black micro bully, displaying its muscular frame, standing against a grassy outdoor background.
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When we talk about the world of canines, the American Bully is a new entrant in the list and was discovered a few years back. Although certain kennel clubs do not recognize it because it being deemed dangerous in different parts of the world, its certain variants, like the micro bully, are known to be very friendly and outgoing. Micro bully is a heavily boned small-sized dog that comes with a blocky head and a muscular body.

This dog has a close resemblance with the pit bull, but it is the size and temperament that sets this dog breed apart. You probably must have heard about the black micro bully and wondered what makes it a different Pitbull  line. Micro bully in any color is the same dog, and the breeders have successfully experimented with bringing out new impressive colors that make dog enthusiasts love this particular breed.

A photograph of a black micro bully, showcasing its broad muscular shoulders and dense frame

What Causes the Black Micro Bully Color?

The color of a micro bully is completely dependent on its genetics, and some of the top breeders can understand how genetics can affect the appearance of a dog. Because of this, they are able to create the black micro bully. Genes tend to occur in variations, and some of them control the coat’s dominant color, while others perform the function of determining the coat’s pattern. Keep in mind that the DNA pattern has alleles known to be the locus.

When you see a black micro bully puppy, you will be able to understand that the gene locus determines it. On the other hand, alleles like the M Locus, A Locus, H Locus and H Locus are actually responsible for the coat pattern. If you want to have a solid black coat on your micro bully from the Pitbull, then it should have the K allele and not the N allele in the gene pool. This way, you will get a black-coloured micro bully. The Merle gene or any other allele can be responsible for different coat patterns. Yet, the dominant color suppresses the genes as long as a black Pitbull doesn’t breed with another dog of the same gene pattern.

A photograph of a young black micro bully puppy, its blue eyes gleaming with curiosity

Black Micro Bully Appearance

Black micro bully descends from the American Pitbull Terrier; therefore, it has a beefy body but compact size. The American bully has five different breeds, which can affect its size. Out of these, micro bully is the showstopper of the bully breeds. An adult micro bully can grow up to 13.5 inches, and it has a densely muscled frame and a heavy blocky head. Its jaws are powerful, and because of its appearance, many people think of it as a dangerous and aggressive dog, but the reality is completely different.

A micro bully has a wrinkled face, but one thing that you may not see in a micro bully puppy is it has blue eyes because the dog’s body area is affected by the dominant K gene. Although the coat color of a micro bully may be all black, there is a possibility that you may see white markings on its chest, face and paws. Its shoulders are always muscular and broad, and thanks to its predecessor, the rest of the body of the micro bully is also quite muscular.

A photograph of a playful black micro bully, its face marked with white, running energetically on a sandy beach

How Much Does a Black Micro Bully Puppy Cost?

When you think of buying a black micro bully, you must be vigilant about who you adopt this pup from. Keep in mind that you will find numerous backyard breeders and puppy mills in the United States and other parts of the world that offer low prices, but these are not purebreds and can have certain health-related issues that can be problematic in future. You have to be clear that all the micro bully colors, including the black one, are not cheap.

As a dog parent, when you buy a healthy black micro bully puppy, you can expect to pay anything more than $500. As the all-black micro bully can be a rarity, you may have to pay more than $1,000 for the pup. The best thing about a micro bully is that no matter what color you buy, it will make the best dog for your family. The dog has a great temperament and seldom shows any sign of aggression towards its parents and other people. If you are able to meet its high-energy requirements, you will find it to be the best dog on the planet.

Another great quality of a micro bully is that it is naturally protective of the family members. So, you can automatically expect it to be the best guard dog. The optimal lifespan of a micro bully with a black coat may not exceed eight years, and this could be a sign of worry for a few. The dog can develop certain health conditions over time, and this is because of its compact size and small legs. So, if you want your micro bully to live more than that, then the best way is to give it lots of exercises.

Under normal circumstances, the black micro bully is a friendly dog, but as a dog owner, you have to establish your dominance while it is still a pup. This way, you will be able to ensure that it respects you and your family, and would be ideal for its successful training. Micro bullies are naturally smart canines and get the commands in a quick manner. Therefore, you would not be required to repeat the commands again and again.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to buy a black micro bully puppy, then you should know that this is the best choice you will make. Your micro bully in the black color is nothing more but an American bully or a Pitbull Terrier with a unique coat color. The best thing about this dog breed is that it has a lifestyle and a temperament that matches a regular American bully. Although the black coat is common in most puppy litter, getting an all-black coat can be a little hard, which is why this unique variant is available at high prices.