Micro and Shorty bully: Which One is More Popular and Why?

A side-by-side comparison of a Shorty Bull vs Micro Bully, emphasizing their distinct facial features against a neutral studio background.
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These days, the majority of people are in love with the American bully, but it has become a fashion to have a small breed as a companion. So, the idea is to have a dog with the fearsome looks of the American bully but in a small size, and therefore, both the micro bully and the shorty bull may be the right dog breeds for such people. Both these dog breeds are specially bred to be small, and the focus was to achieve a muscular and compact build.

Despite the powerful bodies, when we compare the shorty bully vs micro bully, both are considered to be delicate and gentle dogs. Remember that having a little dog in your life can surely make an impact, and it becomes impossible to ignore a furry friend with short legs, a broad chest and a gigantic head. Although both dogs are different, the appearance of both can make anyone speechless.

Showcasing a Micro Bully with its broad, low-to-ground stature on an urban sidewalk, with a soft-focus cityscape in the background.

Shorty Bull vs Micro Bully Appearance

Shorty Bully is a hybrid dog that was bred in Kansas. This dog has become popular among those fanciers who love to go with unique dog breeds. The main reason is that American bulldog requires high maintenance, and that is why people are going towards the smaller breed. The breeders actually wanted to make a masterpiece with the smaller dog breeds that can be maintained in an easy manner. The shorty bull is such a breed that it doesn’t look like anything else on this planet.

When comparing the shorty bull vs micro bully, the micro bully is a low-to-ground breed that is known to be extremely broad, packing bulk and muscle in the frame. The dog has a big head, a shorter nose and more wrinkles than other dogs. When we look at the appearance of the micro bully, it resembles a lot with the shorty bully and the French bulldog. The wide mouth also makes it look like the American Pitbull Terrier.

How Big Do the Shorty Bully and Micro Bully Get?

In general, shorty bully is small & can attain a height of up to 15 inches, and therefore, many people consider it to be an ideal pet for their families. As it is a new dog breed, therefore, the American Kennel Club has not recognized it. Other than that, it can weigh around 40 pounds, while its low-slung body and muscles show quite a few similarities with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, especially the droopy eyes.

When making a comparison of the shorty bully vs micro bully, this exotic breed can be around 10 to 12 inches high, and the weight can reach between 35 to 45 pounds. It is one of the smallest American bully breeds, but its mass is too much for such a small dog. So, it is a dog with extreme proportions. One can see a maximum amount of mass packed in the smallest possible frame.

Depicting a Shorty Bully in a lush green park, highlighting its compact, muscular build against a soft, natural backdrop.

What is the Problem with the Shorty Bully?

When the shorty bully was created, many were expecting that it would make quite an impact. Things did not go well because the dog didn’t have the true features of a bulldog. Although it looks quite a lot like a bulldog, it gives a feeling of a fancy dog breed that may not have the allure we can see in the majority of the bully breeds out there. When we match shorty bully vs micro bully, we are able to witness that micro bully has all the features of the American bully.

The shorty bully may not be a dog capable of drawing the crowd’s attention like the micro bully or the standard bully. A big head, bulging muscles and a wide chest are something that separates micro bully from the shorty bully. A popular bully comes with a natural intimidation that may be based on their looks. Another important thing to note is that although the rise of this dog is slow, it is continuous, and it will take time for the dog breed to be recognized and loved by people.

Capturing the essence of a Micro Bully lounging on a porch in a modern home setting, reflecting a life of comfort and style.

The Rise of the Micro Bully

There are a number of experts who saw it coming quite a long time ago, but when we think of shorty bully vs micro bully, no one thought that micro bully would be able to make a sudden impact. Before people knew it, there were a number of breeders who started to talk about it. There was a time when many people complained that certain dog breeds were not American bullies, and these include the shorty bully; this is the time when the micro bully appeared. In general, the micro bully is considered to be the spinoff of the American bully breed, and the American bully is made from the American Pitbull Terrier.

It is a fact that the micro bully was able to gain popularity in a very short time because it was unique and had jaw-dropping looks that made it famous instantly. One has to accept the reality that many micro bullies are bred in a poor manner, and the unrecognized breeders keep on experimenting without knowing the results, yet its bulldog traits stand out from the remainder of the dog breeds. So, one can imagine that this dog has all the features of the American bully, but one can call it a better-looking American bully.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about shorty bully vs micro bully, both these dogs are considered to be excellent pets, but as a dog owner, it depends on what you would like to have as a companion. These dogs are new breeds, and both come with minor differences. When it is about the shorty bully, many people believe that they would have been the next big thing, but things were a little different. Micro bully has become more popular, and there are many who don’t even know about shorty bully. So, Shorty Bully is not famous today, but in the future, it can become very popular.