What Makes American Bully and Micro Bully Similar and Different

A composite photograph displaying an American Bully vs Micro Bully in profile, with a measuring tape highlighting the height difference. The background's gradient from warm to cool tones symbolizes their common ancestry but different breed standards, contrasting their physical stature.
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Bullies are considered to be the most popular dogs in all parts of the world, especially America. However, many pet owners are still not able to distinguish between an American bully and a micro bully. Those who want to keep one should be able to understand the difference between the two breeds. In our comparison of American bully vs micro bully, we can see that micro bully is the smallest one due to their small stature.

The American bullies can be classified into the XL, Standard, and Classic on the basis of their physical size. By making a comparison of the micro bully and the American bully, it becomes easy for anyone to know the similarities and differences between the two. This way, one can better understand how charming both canine companions are and what would be the best way to take care of them.

A photograph of an American Bully and a Micro Bully standing side by side, highlighting their size difference. The American Bully stands tall and confident, contrasting with the noticeably shorter Micro Bully. Both dogs exhibit muscular builds and distinct jawlines, set against a simple background that focuses on their features.

Are American and Micro Bullies the Same?

Physical size is the major difference between the micro bully and the American bully. This way, one can determine how to classify a particular breed. When we talk about the size of an adult male American bully, it can reach around 17 to 20 inches, whereas the female is a little smaller and stands at around 16 to 19 inches. Other than that, this dog is less muscular and thick, and it comes with well-defined jaws that dog enthusiasts appreciate.

The American bully vs micro bully comparison can be challenging. Although there isn’t a standard set for a micro bully, there may not be an official recorded height. Yet, if we compare it with an American bully, its size remains below 13 inches. In addition to that, it is a stocky and short-legged pup, whereas its tail is short and natural. So, several features make micro bully different, but ethical breeders always object to the abnormality that can be found in it. Read more about micro bully size.

A close-up photograph of a Micro Bully, focusing on its unique features like a stocky body and short legs, against a soft, blurred background. The image highlights the dog's friendly and loyal expression, emphasizing its compact size and muscular build.

How Big Can a Micro Bully Grow?

Many of us may have yet to learn how micro bully is created. It was made by mixing the Patterdale Terrier with the pocket bully to make the smallest version. The micro bully can stand 13 to 16 inches at its shoulders, and it can weigh between 20 to 40 pounds. This canine is specially bred to be muscular and small, but it could be more athletic. So, it would not be that uncommon for you to see a micro bully on the heavier side.

You will find a micro bully in various colors, and because of its incredible appearance, loyal companionship, and friendly nature, it is an amazing choice. However, when you buy a micro bully, you have to make a few considerations, including the size you would like to have. In comparing American bully vs Micro bully, you have to keep in mind that both have identical traits and nature, so it is better that you verify the dog’s history before you buy it.

photograph of an American Bully and a Micro Bully standing side by side, highlighting their size difference. The American Bully stands taller, while the Micro Bully is shorter, both exhibiting muscular builds and distinct jawlines.

How to Take Care of Your American Bully or the Micro Bully?

Although it is easy to compare American bully vs micro bully, as both dog breeds have the same genes, their requirements resemble a lot. As a dog parent, you have to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy. Taking care of these dogs is quite similar, as they are technically considered to be American bullies.

Give it Plenty of Exercise

In comparison to a pit bull, an American bully is never an aggressive canine but is full of energy and has a bulky body. Whether it is the standard American bully or the micro bully, to take the energy out, you need to exercise it properly. For this dog, an hour of exercise can be enough. If your home or apartment doesn’t have a lot of space, you can take it for regular walks or buy toys so that your furry friend remains busy.

Make Regular Visits to the Vet

American bully is generally a healthy dog, but when we have a look at the micro bully, it can have different medical conditions due to genetics or body size. Because of this, you have to take the dog for regular checkups to the vet. A larger American bully can have hypothyroidism, while hip dysplasia is common in a micro bully. In order to remain on the safe side, it is better to visit the vet on a regular basis.

Check on the Diet of the Dog

Comparing an American bully vs micro bully is easy, but you have to understand the dietary requirements of both the dog breeds. The puppies of both dogs require protein and rich fat food for the growth of the muscles and bones. If it is an XL bully, it will need more calories according to the size. A proper diet is important for the dog’s reproductive function, immunity, and lifespan.

Start Training at an Early Age

It would be best to train your pup at an early age so that it can blend with the new environment and your family. Start with rewarding the pup when it is able to respond well to the command so that the training becomes effective. Whether it is the micro bully or the standard bully, both these dogs respond perfectly to reward-based commands. So, socializing with your furry friend would make it responsive and welcoming to strangers.

Final Thoughts

It is quite common for people to confuse an American bully with a Pitbull, and they consider it to be aggressive. In general, it is an affectionate and fun-loving dog that would love to spend time with your family members. When we compare American bully vs micro bully, we find that micro bully is an amazing pet that looks quite similar, but the major difference is the recognition and the size of both. Remember that your bully dog’s energetic and muscular nature requires regular exercise. So, whenever you choose one, you need to look at your requirements and the space in your apartment.