Why the XL Micro Bully is the Perfect Family Companion

XL micro bully dog standing confidently in an outdoor park, illuminated by the golden light of a setting sun.
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American bully breed’s popularity continues to rise, but over the past few years, we have seen a growing demand for the smaller bully variants. Although these pups may look smaller in size, they are becoming favorites among dog enthusiasts because of their great personalities and temperament. The American bully is of different types, but there is a growing interest among people in the XL micro bully.

The XL bully micro is a relatively new breed of powerful and muscular American bully, and it has surely captured the attention of millions in all parts of the world. Although the breed started in the 1980s in the USA, it was in the late ’90s when it morphed into the canines that we are able to see these days. This particular dog breed gives an impression of great strength for its size, but in general, it has heavy bones, a blocky, squarish head and a compact, muscular body.

Side-by-side comparison of various American Bully types on a grassy field, with the XL Micro Bully prominently at the center.

The Growing Popularity of the XL Micro Bully

The American Bullies are divided into a few types, which include the XXL bully, the XL micro bully, the standard bully, the pocket bully and the micro bully. According to The American Bully Kennel Club, the XL is among the taller types that can reach a height of around 19 inches, but it comes with the same type of body as the other micro-bullies. Keep in mind that it can have a muscle mass and can be bulky. This recently developed dog breed is a mixture of numerous bully breeds and has become popular in a very short time.

The XL bully micro is recognized by the kennel clubs in the United States. One needs to understand that it is possible to get registered with any mix dog breed if it is not a Pitbull Terrier and is able to meet specific criteria. Another important thing to note is that it is not a purebred canine and is a mixed breed. Just like a micro bully, it comes with a friendly temper but has the same body structure, yet it is a little hard to breed.

Close-up view of an official kennel club certificate for an XL micro bully, held by a human hand, with the dog blurred in the background.

Why is it Important to Understand the American Bully Bloodline?

When we talk about the American bully bloodlines, there are a few things that we have to keep in mind.

  • Every bloodline comes with its unique personality and physical traits, just like the XL micro bully, which is completely different from the other bully types.


  • One of the most important things to understand is that there is always a specific purpose for which every American bully bloodline is bred. The main purpose of breeding the XL bully micro is to have working dogs, but just like the micro bullies, the majority of people keep it for companionship.


  • Although every dog breed can have health issues when we talk about each bloodline of the American bully, it can come with its own set of health issues, and as a dog parent, you should be aware of them. A study from the Veterinary Journal shows that understanding the bloodline can help mitigate potential health risks.
Young child joyfully playing with an XL micro bully in a cozy living room, highlighting the dog's gentle nature.

Temperament and Behavior of the XL Bully Micro

The majority of the characteristics of the XL micro bully resemble the American bully breed, but it can have a half-pricked or a free-standing ear. It is important to understand that when we set the bully breeds apart, size is never the only factor. There is a set of personality and physical traits that separates each breed from the other.


If you have a family dog that comes with a masculine outlook, it doesn’t make the dog aggressive. When it is about the XL micro bully, it is famous for being gentle and loving towards the family, whereas it is great with children. However, like every bully breed, it is important that you properly train and socialize your pup so that it doesn’t show destructive behavior.


Although XL bully micro is the descendant of the American Pitbull Terrier, it doesn’t have a high prey drive. So, it never chases the small animals, but when we compare it to other dog breeds, it may be less active. This is a type of dog that tends to stay calm and laid back, and this makes it ideal for any family. It is worth mentioning that this obedient dog breed still requires playtime and daily walks so that it can stay happy and healthy.

A XL micro bully sitting outside

Misconceptions About the XL Micro Bully

There are a number of people out there who can have numerous misconceptions regarding the XL micro bully, and among them, aggression is at the top of the list. There are people who refuse to own this dog breed because when they look at the face and build of this dog breed, they consider it to be the most dangerous one. Other than that, some believe that it was a fighting dog in the past, and therefore, it can be a problem for society.

Keep in mind that the reality is completely different because the XL bully micro is a mixed breed, and it has been specially created to be a loving and amiable dog. As a dog parent, you will never see an aggressive nature in this breed, and this is why it makes a good family pet that is very friendly with children. Because of these traits, dog lovers find it to be a nanny dog, as you will have peace of mind by making it part of your family.

XL micro bully showing affection to a small child in a domestic setting, debunking misconceptions about its nature.

Final Thoughts

The XL micro bully is a relatively new dog breed that is misclassified as a Pitbull by the majority because of the similar attributes and features. Keep in mind that it is a distinct dog breed and is the tallest among the micro breeds. The main reason for it being a completely different dog is that it gives the look of the American bully but has a muscle mass and is smaller in stature. The XL micro bully may look intimidating, but it is actually a very friendly and loyal dog that loves to be around people. It is especially good with children, as it is gentle, playful, and protective of them. The XL micro bully is also very smart and trainable, and can learn to obey commands and perform tricks. It is a low-maintenance dog that does not require much grooming or exercise, and can adapt to different living environments. The XL micro bully is a perfect family companion because it will provide love, fun, and security to its owners.