Everything About Micro Bully

The Micro Bully, a mini-sized bundle of joy and energy, has been capturing the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.
It is a unique kind of dog and a smaller version of the American Bully. They are getting more popular because of their special qualities and friendly nature. Whether you know a lot about dogs or you’re thinking about getting a Micro Bully as a pet, this guide will give you useful information about the origin, types, characteristics, tips, and training of this cute and special kind of dog.

Dogs are among the most popular pets in all parts of the world and are known to be man’s best friend. Just like humans, they are social animals, and because of their playfulness and ability, they can easily fit into our social situations and households. Their devotion and loyalty relate to the human idea of friendship and love, and because of this, many dog owners keep them as their family members. These days, a number of people look for small breeds of dogs and out of several different species, the micro bully comes with an irrepressible personality. There is no doubt that looking at a little dog breed can make an impact in our real lives, but the micro bully dog is not only a small breed, but it also has fearsome looks, and this makes it an ideal breed for us. 

What is a Mirco Bully?

In simple words, a micro bully is a small version of the pocket bully, but it keeps the traditional physique of the American bully. It is available in a number of builds that range from the extreme muscle version to the small neck or shoulders. It has become possible to achieve the small size of this particular breed by mixing the Patterdale Terrier with the American Pitbull Terrier.

If you are wondering what is a micro bully dog, it retains the major characteristics of the American Pitbull Terrier, but it has a gene from the Patterdale Terrier that affects its size. Although you can easily find healthy micro bully puppies, many can have complex health problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for the one after thoroughly researching the dog breeder.
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Micro buly Exotic bully and Pocket bully jpg

The Origin of Micro Bully

If you want to know more about the micro bully dog, you should understand that it is a new dog breed that emerged a few decades back. This dog is an American bully breed subcategory made by crossing different types of terrier and bulldog breeds for a specific temperament and appearance. So, if you are the one who is asking what is a micro bully, its development started in the 1990s as a family dog and a companion.

Instead of going for a traditional Pitbull, those who developed the dog micro bully focused on a laid-back personality and added bulk to the athletic body and lean of the Pitbull. When we talk about the micro bully origin, in 2008, we saw the first breed of the exotic bully, but it is worth mentioning that different bully registries are yet to recognize any micro bully. Although one cannot clearly say when did it arrive on the scene, this dog surely made an impact right from the beginning.

The main goal of the bully breed micro was always to produce a more compact and smaller type of dog as compared to the traditional one. The breeders always had an idea to maintain the distinctive temperament as well as the appearance of a bully. For creating such a dog, they chose pocket bully so that it could be bred to extreme proportions. So, if you are wondering about what breed a micro bully is, it doesn’t have a closed gene pool. In fact, there are breeders who breed them with French bulldogs and Shorty Bulls.

You might be surprised to know that your micro bully dog breed can have influence from the Bostom terrier, pugs or English bulldogs. This is the reason why its appearance resembles quite a lot with the American bully, but the idea was to make it something different and exciting, so it comes with a more compact and smaller frame. For those who want more information about what kind of dog is a micro bully, it is a mixture of different dog breeds, making it impossible to ignore.
Close-up of a Micro Bully with a broad head, muscular shoulders, and sleek ears, highlighting its glossy coat and intelligent, warm eyes.
Illustration of a Micro Bully peacefully resting on an owner's lap in a cozy chair, capturing a relaxed evening ambiance at home.

Types of Micro Bully

The micro bully breed is among the most expensive types in the world, and the main reason is that these canines are not a breed of their own. In fact, they are known to be subsets of numerous bully breeds that keep emerging and have several kinds.
A Teacup Micro Bully showcasing its delicate size alongside common objects, emphasizing its petite stature and endearing features.

Teacup Micro Bully

This is a miniature breed having a height of under eight inches and is a true micro bully definition. These dogs are delicate, have friendly faces and are very loyal. In general, this miniature dog is derived from the pedigree pocket bully parents and lacks any breed type. As teacup micro bully doesn't have a breed type, it might be undesirable in the future. Other than that, all its characteristics are quite rare, and because of health risks, it always requires special care from parents.

An Exotic Micro Bully with standout muscle definition, a broad head, and unique coat patterns, set against a dramatic backdrop highlighting its unique charm.

Exotic Micro Bully

This particular dog breed was discovered around two decades back and is, therefore, a relatively new one. Exotic is a hybrid of numerous bully breeds and is an answer for those who need an idea about what is a micro bully dog. The exotic micro bully is never towards its owner, people and other dogs and is known to be friendly. Yet, it is always a good idea to train it so that it can develop a good relationship with the dog's parent.

A Tri Color Micro Bully posed to display its vibrant three-color coat, set against a simple background to accentuate its distinct color pattern

Tri-color Micro Bully

When we talk about a canine's unique appearance and amazing physique, then the tri-color micro bully comes to our mind, as its body is a combination of unique colors. This American micro bully has unique genetics. Instead of one or two colors, the tri-color micro bully has three shades which include tan, white and its base color. It is worth mentioning that the base color of this kind varies from black to chocolate color.

Physical Characteristics of a Micro Bully

We have known the American bully for its beautiful looks, and imagine what does a micro bully look like. The answer is that the micro bully is no different than the former breed. Its face is round, broad and slightly pushed, with cheeks being well-defined. When you have a look at its blocky head, it resembles quite a lot with the American Pitbull Terrier because it has sleek, small and perky ears flopping forward.
One of the main American micro bully characteristics is that it comes with muscular, broad and wide shoulders, and this is what we can expect from all the bully breeds. Venom is known as its most famous breed, and professional breeders breed it as a show dog, and normally these breeders would like to exploit the high price tag. The following are the other physical characteristics of the micro bully.

Coat and Color

In order to get more micro bully breed info, you must have a look at its physical features. Normally, it comes with a short and stiff coat, and one can find it in a number of colors like black, red, brindle and fawn. You will also find some with different patterns like piebald or tri-color. Micro bullies can have green or blue eyes, just like the exotic breeds of bullies.


The weight of the micro American bully is normally between 35 and 45 pounds. Some breeds can be light, but it doesn’t have a more muscular build than the pocket bully.


You will find the micro bully to be under 14 inches in height. Its most popular breed ‘Venom’ stands at less than 13 inches. Despite the short height, it comes with strong and beautiful characteristics that the bully breed owners desire.


If we have a look at the Micro bully definition, we come to know that the large and square head is its most distinguishing physical feature. Other than that, it has thick lips and a short muzzle, while the ears can be left natural or cropped.

A Micro Bully showcasing a range of emotions, from playfully snuggling against a person's leg to appearing alert and attentive.

What do we Know About the Micro Bully's Personality?

When you plan to bring a micro bully to your home, it is crucial for you to have complete micro bully information. The main purpose of breeding a bully dog was to have a family companion, and it has a low prey drive. There is no doubt that the majority of people love the temperament of this particular breed, but if you want to bring one home, you need to consider a lot of things, especially the micro bully origin and the bloodlines.

This dog mixes well with children and other pets, but the owner needs to train and socialize it properly. You need to keep in mind that micro bully can still be aggressive, especially when you place it with other dogs of the same gender. You will notice your micro American bully has athleticism, potential aggression and high drive. One thing is for sure it is a superb companion breed that loves to snuggle on the legs or sit on the lap of the owner. It will not have any issues complaining if you are a little late for dinner.

How Many Puppies Can Your Micro Bully Have?

Although it depends on the kind of micro American bully, it can carry around 2 to 4 puppies. When we compare it with a Pitbull, it is able to carry around five puppies. The exotic bully is a larger breed, so that it can have between 2 to 6 puppies. We need to keep in mind that when we look at the size of these dogs, we are able to determine that their females cannot carry too many puppies, and so, one needs to have complete micro bully breed info before multiplying them. Many wonder how to know how micro bully will look for them, the dog breeders can provide complete information about a particular breed.

As a dog owner, you must keep in mind that you will be facing no issues if the dog is from the same size and breed. But, if the male dog is larger, then the female can face problems, although the micro bully puppies will be normal. It depends on the number of pups in the womb of the mother; you will notice that you might have a puppy bully micro with deformities or complications.

Another problem is the micro bully litter size, as it can get big for the pregnant mother, and it will be hard to push the puppies out during birth. It is quite fortunate to know that the puppies won’t outgrow the mother’s womb, but the growth of the size of the micro bully dog puppy may be restricted, resulting in a normal birth.

micro bully puppies playing indoor

How to Take Care of Your Micro Bully?

Your Micro bully dog can live up to 10 years or a little longer than that; therefore, you need to ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. For this, you have to feed it properly, give it exercise, have regular checkups from the vet and understand its needs. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you get it from a reputable dog breeder.

Dietary Requirements

If you are a micro bully parent, you must have high-quality dog food for your canine that can meet its nutritional needs. You have to ensure that the nutrition is based on the dog’s size, age and level of activity. It is better to calculate the caloric intake of your pet and have a look at the micro bully litter size. Other than that, you also need to adjust the portions so that you can maintain a healthy life.

Grooming Requirements

Micro bully is a dog breed that requires minimal grooming because of a glossy and short coat. Remember to remove the loose hair, and remember that your pet can have seasonal shedding, which can be a headache

Exercise Requirements

If you are looking for an athletic dog, micro bully is not the one because it has extreme proportions and small size. Taking it for 20 to 30 minutes daily for a walk can be enough, but adding a little playtime would be better. You need to remember what is a micro bully breed because it can be susceptible to overheating.

Health Concerns Related to a Micro Bully

In general, a micro bully is much healthier than other bulldog breeds like the French and English bulldog. It doesn’t have a closed gene pool, so that it can have hybrid vigor. Whether it is the Micro bully breed or any other kind, there is always a risk of health related issues with a dog having exaggerated features.

Heart Disease

A micro bully can be susceptible to heart disease, and it can experience a number of heart-related problems over time. The heart issues of your micro bully breed include septal defects, mitral valve and pulmonary stenosis.

Skin Disease

Your bully dog may have skin conditions like eczema, hot spots, and seborrhea. If you are able to detect any of such conditions, it will be better for you to make an appointment with the clinical vet so that it can get rid of the problematic dermatological issues.

Cherry Eye

It is an eye condition quite common in your micro bully dog puppy when its nictating glands tend to prolapse. Such a condition can cause vision impairment, eye inflammation and can be quite discomforting for your micro bully.

Understanding Micro Bully Training and Behavior

Training a Micro Bully

If you are an experienced and consistent dog owner, then there are chances that your American micro bully will be well behaved. Normally, it is an easy to train breed of dog because of its obedient nature and intelligence. It always tries to please its owner, so paying it back becomes essential.

Basic Commands

 Advanced Training Commands

Exercise and Games

Training your micro bully is not only about teaching it how to give a paw to shake, but you have to educate it to behave in a proper manner. For this, you must have complete micro bully info, and it has to behave well in the house, on car journeys, and on walks so that life can be enjoyable for it.

When you can teach your pup the basic behavioral commands, the next step is to go for the advanced ones. It would be best if you taught it different tricks, like barking and playing dead. Keep in mind that your commands don’t need to be specific, and you can introduce several activities depending on your imagination.

It needs exercise if you want to keep your canine strong and fit. Although outings and usual walks are important, you must also incorporate other activities. These include swimming, which is an all-around exercise that your dog will love. You can also look for dog agility, which is a great thing to train.

Why is Micro Bully a Popular Choice?

If you are among those planning to get a micro bully, the first thing you should find out must be the micro bully breed. If you are a bully enthusiast, you may be willing to pay a high price for it. The following are some reasons for making it a popular choice among the masses.

Unique Appearance

There is no doubt that the majority of people get fascinated with what a micro bully looks like. This breed of dog looks solid, dependable and muscular. There is a common misunderstanding among many individuals that these dog breeds are aggressive, but this is because they need more micro bully information. It is surely the right choice for those who feel discouraged to get classic or XL types because of the sizes.

Low Maintenance

The bully breed is excellent, but experts don’t recommend it for those who don’t stay at home. As it is active by nature, your dog will get stressed if it can’t have enough playtime. If you have complete micro bully info, you must know that it is not very demanding, and this makes it an ideal house pet. You have to take it for a daily walk, and it needs playtime. Remember that if you stick to a particular routine, you will find it highly trainable.

Intelligence and Warm Temperament

Many know what to look for in a micro bully, but they choose it for energy and warm temperament. Breeders have employed many breeding techniques for removing aggression from these pets, and that is why micro bullies are gentle dogs that one can keep around children. Other than that, they are loyal to humans and very warm, and because of their size, it becomes easy for anyone to play and cuddle with them.

What to Look for in a Micro Bully?

Buying a micro bully is a completely personal choice, but there are a few considerations that you have to make when you plan to adopt one.

  • When looking for a micro bully, the most important thing for you is to get the information that the breeder provides you about the breed is your micro bully, as well as its complete medical history.
  • There are people who want to own newborn pups for them, it is essential to be aware of how to know how micro bully will look. You can also meet their parents as they will provide you with a much better understanding of what you are about to buy.
  • If you are an inexperienced owner, keeping a micro bully with you is not recommended. The main reason is that these pets can have health problems because they are bred to alter the size of the dog. You can also get information regarding how many puppies can a micro bully have, especially when you plan to have more puppies.
Teacup micro bully outdoors

Micro Bully Price

The price of a micro bully dog depends on your plan for buying one, but normally it ranges between $5,000 to $20,000. If you are looking to buy one from a respected bloodline for breeding, you should be mentally ready that it will cost a lot more to have a micro bully dog puppy as a family pet. It is always a good idea for you to make sure you get one from a reputable breeder because you will be able to find various people in the market who advertise their bigger bully breed to be a micro one.

The most desired and popular micro bully breed is Venom, and it is known for its physical properties and unique characteristics. It grows at most 13.5 inches, and you must have a high budget if you are looking to buy this exotic breed. Keep in mind that this micro-American bully can cost you around $45,000, yet the price still varies according to the history, characteristics and type.

Micro Bully Price Range

 Micro American Bully

Unique Characteristics

$5,000 to $20,000


it grows at most 13.5 inches

Bottom Line

Micro bully is a gentle, strong and stately breed that comes with numerous qualities of other bully breeds, but it comes with minor differences. Those who have adopted a dog micro bully realize how good an experience it is to have one. The best thing about the bully breed micro is that it comes in a number of markings and colors and is gaining popularity because of some extraordinary physical features, trainability and temperament. Whether it is the American micro bully or any other type, it has unique traits that can entice any person to look for this rare dog breed and add it as a family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Micro Bully a Pocket Bully?
There are a number of people who may need to learn the difference between a micro bully and a pocket bully. Normally, the size of the pocket bully is between 14 to 17 inches, but a micro bully is much smaller than that, and it is a mixture of numerous bulldog breeds.
What are the Different Colors of a Micro Bully?
Just like a regular bully, you can find a micro bully of any color. It is worth mentioning that if you plan to buy a micro bully dog puppy in rare colorings like the tri-color or merle, you obviously have to pay more than the regular colors.
What is the Lifespan of the Micro Bully Breed?
Micro bully is known to be quite a new and emerging dog breed. Therefore, it is hard to determine its average lifespan. A healthy pocket bully normally lives for 10 to 12 years, but micro bullies can have health complications so that they can live up to 5 to 8 years.
What is the Lifespan of the Micro Bully Breed?
Micro bully is known to be quite a new and emerging dog breed. Therefore, it is hard to determine its average lifespan. A healthy pocket bully normally lives for 10 to 12 years, but micro bullies can have health complications so that they can live up to 5 to 8 years.
Can a Micro Bully Dog Breed in a Natural Manner?
Although the majority of dog breeders choose artificial insemination, a healthy micro bully can naturally mate. As a dog parent, you need to know the signs of labor in this breed, as there could be birth complications because of the large puppy bully micro head.
What Should We Feed Our Micro Bully?
When we talk about the food requirements, 50-70 per cent protein is an ideal choice for it. Normally muscle meat, organ and eggs are the choices of nutrition that can give your micro bully breed 101 all the important amino acids and vitamins. Chicken and fish also contain a decent amount of protein.