Adopting a Micro Bully? Read This First!

A cheerful Micro Bully nestled against its owner in a well-decorated living room, reflecting their mutual happiness.
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Micro bully is a newly-designed dog breed that originated in the United States and is a combination of American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers and Bulldogs. It is a small-sized dog that is around 13 inches in height & can weigh up to 25 pounds. There is no doubt that micro bully is among the most misunderstood dog breed, but it is still one of the most sought-after because of its personality traits and looks.

It is quite unfortunate that several pet owners relinquish their pups to the care shelters because they are not capable of fulfilling the commitment that is required to own a micro bully. This is the reason why you can find micro bully dogs for adoption when searching online, but before you bring this particular dog breed into your life, you must understand everything about how to keep them happy and healthy.

A Micro Bully patiently waiting in an adoption center, surrounded by walls displaying materials about its exercise needs, diet, and behavior.

Why Should You Consider Adopting a Micro Bully?

When we look at some of the reactions that we can expect from a micro bully, these include tongue lapping, tail wagging and full-body hugs. These are sturdy and active dogs that can make perfect companions. Because of being emotionally sensitive and an intuitive breed, you should go for the micro bully dogs for adoption. The following are some of the reasons why the micro bully is right for you.


It is Gregarius and Very Trusting

In general, bullies are social pets and love to be around their owners and other people. The best thing about micro bullies is that they want to make new friends and can be trusting of strangers. Their gregarious personality and fondness for contacting humans make them great companion for those who are a people person.


It is a Super-Loving Companion

After the micro bully adoption, you will find it to be a loyal and very loving companion. You will notice that it will form a very close bond with you, and it will be a constant presence in a home. Keep in mind that a micro bully is a dog breed that doesn’t like to be left alone for a lot of time or relegated in the backyard. It will give you all the happiness that you can expect from a pet.


It is Great with Kids

Staffordshire Terrier is among the dog breeds that come with a long history of being great with kids. The same is the case with a micro bully because it is considered a nanny dog by many. When you properly take care of it and socialize it, you will notice that it will be a wonderful pet for your children, as it can even handle rough-housing.

A shelter staff member engrossed in an adoption questionnaire, with a Micro Bully watching intently from its enclosure, surrounded by soft indoor lighting.

Why is the Micro Bully Adoption Process Rigorous?

When you go to a reputable shelter for the micro American bully adoption, you may have to go through a screening process for that, but the process can be rigorous. The dog shelter may ask you questions about your motives in adopting a Pitbull mix like a micro bully because such a dog breed comes with a history of abuse. It is the duty of the shelter to request references as well as visit the home to see where the dog will be adopted.

Normally, there is a detailed questionnaire that you should be prepared to answer. It will contain questions like why you are going for the micro bully adoption and your history as the owner. Keep in mind that many cities and countries have laws regarding dogs, but we are able to see legislation regarding a specific breed so that the perceived issues with the bully breed, especially the micro bully, can be curbed.

A Micro Bully leaping off the ground to snatch a frisbee in a garden setting with a manicured lawn and blooming flowers, highlighting the breed's playful demeanor.

Preparing for Micro Bully Adoption: What You Need to Know

Micro bully is never a dangerous or aggressive breed by nature. Although it may have an intimidating appearance, it is a very friendly and social pet. Before you contact a shelter that has micro bully dogs for adoption, you need to understand that if your micro bully is not properly trained and socialized, it can become aggressive. So, keep a few points in mind before adopting one.

Micro Bully Requires High-Activity Exercise

As with the majority of dog breeds, a bored micro bully can be a bad one. Such a breed may not be ideal for you if you are into slow living. Other than that, your micro-bully should always be on a leash when in public. When you have a space but no fence, then it will make an excellent option for you. No matter what the dog’s activity is, it must be supervised by you.

There are Some Health Concerns

Just like any other dog breed, you have to provide the best care for the micro bully. It may require proper vaccines, annual vet exams and must have a healthy diet with a proper schedule. Usually, the micro bully is a fit breed, but it can still have a few health concerns. These specific health problems include heart disease, hip dysplasia, eye problems, allergies and skin conditions.

Give it Love and Attention

The micro American bully adoption process may be relatively easy, but you must be ready to give it proper time. Prepare yourself to commit a minimum of two hours of undivided attention to your micro bully so that it can remain happy. So, before you take any step, you have to ask yourself whether you have the time and flexibility to adopt a loving and active pet because you have to keep the pup happy.

Final Thoughts

Micro bully has become the most popular dog breed in the American bully lineage. The main reason for its popularity is that it has jaw-dropping looks and a calm personality. You will be able to find numerous micro bully dogs for adoption from the rescue and care sanctuaries and individuals. Before adoption, it is better that you have complete knowledge of the micro bully breed so that you can be a great dog parent and your dog stays happy with you.