The Rare and Beautiful Blue Fawn Color in Micro Bullies

A close-up photograph of a blue fawn micro bully dog, highlighting the unique silver grey coat that often appears blue. The dog's compact, muscular body and short, smooth fur are clear, with a gentle expression on its face.
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A dog is a loveable animal that holds a special place for many. Besides having stunning looks, it offers the best attitude, drive and temperament. You will find it in a number of breeds and colors. The micro bully is gaining fame because of his stunning looks and small, compact and muscular body. Its coat is short and smooth and can be found in a variety of colors. Out of many, the blue fawn micro bully is the one that is loved by dog enthusiasts and is among the most expensive ones out there.

There is no doubt that blue fawn is a bit rare compared to other types of colors, making it costly. Besides the special coat color, this dog is quite similar to other micro bully colors. You can expect the male micro bully to be around 25 pounds and a bit larger than the female one, but when we look at its personality, nothing can match micro bully. It is one of the friendliest dogs that is loyal to its owner and can be good with other pets.

A serene moment captured with a blue fawn micro bully lying down, showcasing its rare coat color in the warm light of a sunset, set in a homely environment.

What does it mean to be a Blue Fawn Micro Bully?

There is a misconception in people’s minds that the blue fawn micro bully has a blue color, but in reality, it is not blue. The color can be a little exaggerated because it is actually silver grey. The micro bully pup gets the color from its parents that pass a recessive gene, resulting in a diluted black color. Although it is quite understandable to know about the popularity of the micro bully with a blue fawn, not everyone would be pleased with this coat color.

Numerous people tend to believe that blue canines can be prone to certain skin problems. While this can be true for other dog breeds, but micro bully is not one of them. Although it can be difficult to know the exact reason for the skin problems in dogs, these are inherited and can affect dogs with fawn or blue coats. In reality, decades of selective dog breeding may result in a lot of health issues. Therefore, it is better to find a trustworthy breeder who doesn’t only breed a micro bully for color.

An informative image featuring a Blue Fawn Micro Bully with its distinctive silver-grey coat, accompanied by infographic elements and a question mark, highlighting the breed's uniqueness and rarity.

Is Blue Fawn Micro Bully an Uncommon American Bully Breed?

When the blue fawn micro bully is compared to other colors, you will find it to be quite rare. The gene causes the dog’s coat color to be diluted, and in return, the blue fawn coat hue is produced. It is worth mentioning that the gene is recessive, which is why it rarely passes to the next generations of the micro bully. The recessive gene cannot form the blue fawn coat color, but it has to mutate in order to make the hue that we see in the micro bullies with blue fawn.

In general, two micro bully parents have brown coats and a minimum of two recessive dilution gene copies to produce the blue fawn micro bully pup. If the parents are able to meet the criteria, then the odds of having the one with the blue fawn coat increase. Although this coat may not be acceptable for most kennel associations, it doesn’t have many harmful consequences for your furry friend’s health. This dog can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000, but it all depends on heritage and pedigree.

An image of a playful blue fawn micro bully puppy in an outdoor setting, showcasing its compact stature and the distinct silver-grey coat with hints of fawn undertones. The background features a sunny park with green grass to contrast the dog's rare coat color.

How to Take Care of Blue Fawn Bully?

Every dog has its unique set of requirements, so each one must have a different type of care. When it is about the blue fawn micro bully, you have to take care of its diet, grooming, different activities and dental care.


No matter the color, every micro bully comes with a silky coat, so it requires minimum upkeep. But even if it has a sleek coat, your fawn micro bully can be a shedder. So, the idea is to remove loose dirt and shedding; therefore, you have to brush the fur at least once daily. You will be able to see its wrinkly skin around the face and the back, and the folds that you find in its skin can be the breeding grounds for the bacteria. That is why you must clean your micro bully regularly.


Your micro bully requires a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes of exercise each day. This dog has a high degree of energy, so as a dog parent, you must provide proper exercise to your blue fawn canine to remain healthy. You will notice that it may become nervous, restless and even destructive if it doesn’t get ample exercise. When you take your pup out for exercise, walks and games, you will notice a lot of positivity in it. Make sure that it doesn’t get overheated and has access to water when you are giving it exercise.


Different American bully breeds need different food amounts. When your blue fawn micro bully reaches the age of 6 months, you have to give it a cup of food twice daily. You can divide the food into 3 to 4 meals a day when it is still a puppy. It can be reduced when your dog reaches adulthood. This way, you will be able to prevent your dog from becoming obese, and it will also have a steady energy supply.

Final Thoughts

A fawn micro bully may be a little common, but it can be difficult to find the blue fawn one as it can be a little difficult to create and achieve this hue, so that a blue fawn micro bully can be quite an expensive canine. One cannot argue with the price because this hue is stunning and can enhance the cuteness of the American bully breed. So, if you plan to buy a micro bully with a blue fawn, then you should contact a respectable breeder in your area or online so that you can be sure that it will be free from any health issues.