Understanding Micro Bully Price and Its Factors

A relaxed micro bully puppy lounging on a plush cushion, set against a cozy domestic backdrop, with sunlight creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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There are plenty of dog breeds in all parts of the world, and we may not be aware of many of them. Dogs are good human allies, and their exotic breeds are no exception, as they can be found in a good variety of shapes and sizes. Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Boxers and Golden Labs are among the common breeds that can easily be sighted. Yet many captivating breeds like the micro bully can be a rare sight for many. It is a popular dog breed, but the micro bully price tag can be higher.

If you are planning to have a high-quality micro bully, you must be wondering about the micro American bully price. There could be a number of reasons why it is costly compared to other dog breeds. Keep in mind that the exact price of your micro bully depends on its location and numerous other traits like the markings and colors.

A side-by-side stance of a standard American bully and a micro bully on grass, highlighting their size differences against a vibrant green background, with sunlight enhancing their coats.

What Makes Micro Bully Different?

When we look at the different types of American bullies, the micro bully has all their main characteristics. These include a muscular build, a bulky physique, a friendly temperament and a big head the majority of the time. Keep in mind that the main difference between a micro bully and other types of bullies is its typical size. If you are wondering how much is a micro bully worth, the answer depends on the breed and the quality of the micro bully.

Micro bully is quite small in size as compared to all the other American bully breeds, but it weighs less and can grow at a height of 10 to 14 inches. The micro bully price range can differ, but every micro bully has all the standard features you can expect from a bully, yet it has a compact-sized body. Although it is not recognized to be a legitimate dog breed, it can be registered in different kennel clubs.

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How Much Do You Expect to Pay for a Micro Bully?

Micro bully is still a rare dog breed; therefore, it is not cheap. If you are wondering how much for a micro bully, you can expect a price that may vary from $2,000 to $7,000. Even if you go for a standard American bully, you may have to pay a good price for it. If you are planning to get one of the micro bully puppies, it will be a good idea not to go for the cheapest one available in the market. The high demand for a micro bully dog is due to its unique appearance and small size.

Anyone who is looking for a playful and affectionate pet can choose a micro bully. It is quite unfortunate that those who ask how much does a micro bully cost may not be able to afford its high price tag. As the popularity of this breed is exploding, it is better to make sure that you get services from a legitimate breeder. Although it may be out of reach for many, those who are able to afford it would find it a perfect addition to their family.

A playful micro bully puppy chasing a vibrant ball across a lush garden, with blooming flowers and a quaint picket fence creating an idyllic backdrop.

What to Look for When Going for a Micro Bully Puppies?

Before buying a puppy, it is better for you to research the micro bully price and ensure that you are getting a healthy pup from a reputable breeder. It is especially right when you have to adopt a micro bully puppy because this particular dog breed may have a few health concerns that may be specific. The following are a few things that you have to consider when adopting a micro bully.


Temperament is among the most essential aspects of any dog, but it can be very crucial for a micro bully. As this dog breed has a reputation for being aggressive, the micro bully puppy cost has much to do with its temperament. When choosing, you have to look for a very stable and gentle one.


There is a huge range of sizes regarding micro bullies, so it is essential that you choose a puppy that comes with the right size. When you contact your breeder and ask how much are micro bully puppies, you may get a range of prices. As this breed can gain weight quickly, you must be aware of all the aspects before choosing a size.

Health Certification

One grave mistake that many people do is that they don’t ask for any health certificates from the breeder. When you are asking micro bully how much from the breeder, you must enquire about the health certificates from the parents as well as the puppy. This way, you can be sure that the hereditary health conditions of the puppy are checked.

A neat arrangement of gourmet dog food, designer leashes, interactive toys, and comfortable beds on a wooden table, portraying the upscale lifestyle of a micro bully owner against an off-white backdrop.

What Affects the Price of a Micro Bully?

Your micro bully’s worth depends a lot on different things, which include the quality of breeding, bloodline, and how good the breeders are. Other than that, you also get to choose the rare coat colours and unique appearance of the dog. Some of the top breeders come with years of experience to set the standards of the breed, and they tend to make a top-quality and healthiest dog.

Reputable breeders charge more price of micro bully than backyard breeders, but when reputable ones do, you can be sure that you have spent your money in the right place. Other than that, this breeder gives you proof that the dog has been checked and is completely healthy. For this, he will never be afraid of giving you any references from previous customers.

So, instead of compromising on the micro bully price, having a line-bred dog is the way to go. It is worth mentioning that their ancestors can show the four-generation pedigree for more than one time. So, if you need clarification about how much is a micro bully, and if you are paying a high price, be sure that this breed makes good offspring similar to one another.

A micro bully puppy amidst an assortment of dog essentials in a modern living room, with daylight highlighting the investments made for the puppy's well-being.

Are There Any Additional Costs for a Micro Bully?

Some people think that the cost of micro bully is what they pay to the breeder, and after that, they can take it home without spending on anything. In reality, there are additional costs if you own a micro bully. These include food, medical expenses, grooming, leashes, beds and toys. Keep in mind that the additional costs depend a lot on the type of food that you are giving to your micro bully. Other than that, you have to see whether you are grooming the dog yourself and if it has any health-related conditions.

The price for micro bully might be a few thousand dollars, but you have to be ready for the costs that will follow the entire dog-owner life, and it is never a one-time expense. This dog has a muscular build, so you have to ensure that it gets all the required protein.

The average cost of micro bully maintenance is around $20 per week. You need to pay for the toys, leash and bed. Micro bully price range is between $2,000 to $5,000, but when you buy one from a well-known breeder, you have to pay more because your medical expenses get lowered, but it can never be a guarantee that your pet will never get sick at all.

A micro bully prominently positioned in a spacious living room, its glossy coat shining under the natural light, contrasting with the delicate room decor.

Why is a Micro Bully That Expensive?

Over the past few years, the majority of people tend to welcome dogs that resemble Pitbulls and American bullies. These dogs are protective, friendly and get along with any person, and this makes them the perfect companion pets. If you have a little space at home, then a micro bully is the right option for you. You may ask how much is a micro bully puppy and find that it may be on the higher side, as many people are looking for it. Some of the reasons for micro bully being expensive are as follows:

High Demand

One of the basic reasons for the high price range of any product is its demand. As many people want this breed, so they have to pay a high micro American bully price. Many people breed them through trial and error, but a few are healthy ones. As too many people look to buy them, so there is a supply-demand imbalance.

Breeding Quality

The breeder’s reputation is always a strong selling point because breeders with great reputations always use top-quality breeding methods. If you are planning to have a dog as a breeding stock, then you should be ready to pay the high price of a micro bully, as spending money is worth it.


Micro bullies with the best quality come with a pure bloodline. These micro-bullies can produce high-quality breeds consistently, and their offspring come with the same qualities. The most expensive micro bully breeds, like Venom, are a result of the breeding process that can cost a lot of money.

A micro bully puppy in mid-air, joyfully attempting to catch a toy in a picturesque garden setting, with a pristine lawn and white picket fence.

How to Find a Reputable Breeder for a Micro Bully?

If you are wondering ‘where can I buy a micro bully’, then there are a few things that you have to keep in mind when searching for a reputable breeder.

  • It is better to get recommendations from your family members and friends who are experienced in purchasing micro bully puppies. When you are able to get a few names, then you can research the individual breeders.


  • It is always better that you visit the facility of the micro bully breeder in person. When you do that, you get a chance to meet the puppies and see how they are being raised by the breeder. You can also search online and ask people about how much is a micro bully dog from a particular breeder and discuss the quality.

Final Thoughts

The micro bully price can vary because if you buy one from a reputable breeder who offers a quality bloodline and lookalike puppies, then the price will certainly go up. When buying a dog, there are many who try to bargain, but keep in mind that a lower micro American bully price can be a sign of a low-quality puppy. Good reputation breeders will ensure that their dog is healthy, which means that they will do all the screenings for good health. So, if you save money when buying a dog, it can be costly. Therefore, it is better to go for a high-quality pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is micro bully an expensive dog?

Micro bully is known to be among the most expensive dog types. As it is not a breed on its own, but rather it is a subset of an emerging bully breed that can have several types. There is no doubt that micro bully is a rare dog breed. Therefore, the micro bully dog cost can be more than a standard American bully.

How to choose a micro-bully puppy?

Before you buy a micro bully puppy, it is important that you do proper research about the micro bully breed. It would be better to contact a reputable breeder who knows where to advertise micro bully for sale. Keep in mind that a good dog breeder would be proud of the micro bullies and would love to show it to the public.

What number of puppies can a micro bully have?

Normally a micro bully can have around 4 to 8 puppies. Because of the size, if a female dog carries more numbers, then it can have the risk of complications. Keep in mind that a micro bully is a dog that is good for breeding, and its puppies can share unique characteristics. The micro bully puppy price depends on the breeder.

Which one is the most expensive micro bully?

Venom is the most expensive micro bully, as it is worth around 1 million dollars. You will find it to be a very muscular and bulky dog that has become popular with the public because of its unique physique. It is quite amazing to know that each of the Venom’s puppies is sold for $8,000.