Micro American Bully Mix What To Anticipate

A digital painting depicting a robust American Bully standing protectively next to a petite Micro Bully. Both dogs display unique physical traits but exhibit a clear familial resemblance.
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We all desire to have a one-of-a-kind dog, but many of us can be curious about the breeding results, especially if we are planning for a designer breed. Undoubtedly, it is possible to breed one type with another type of dog, but having the best offspring cannot be guaranteed. These days, people look to have a micro bully mix with American bully, which means that the puppies can be a mix of both dogs.

The result of breeding a micro bully and an American bully looks quite plausible because both these dogs are of the same breed, but they obviously have differences in height. It is important to keep in mind that the resulting American bully micro puppy can have serious health problems and genetic defects. By looking at the advantages as well as the drawbacks of every option, you can then decide which path is ideal for you.

Micro bully mix with American bully

Is it Possible to Breed a Micro Bully with a Standard American Bully?

In general, you can breed a micro bully and an American bully and have designer puppies. You have to understand that both these dogs are American bullies, and the major difference is the genetics and the size of both the breeds. Yet, you need to have knowledge of the American bully micro if you plan to breed them.

Micro Bully

In order to get a micro bully, usually a Patterdale Terrier or a small Terrier breed is mixed with the Pocket bully. It is worth mentioning that some breeders even cross the French and English bulldogs to reduce the height and the size of the resulting puppy. Because of this, the micro American bully puppies may have a small size, but not many people disclose this to the ones who purchase them.

American Bully

As compared to the micro bully, the standard American bully is a mix of the American bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier. There are people who use this dog for comparisons for different classes of American bullies because it comes with the ideal physique. After breeding with the micro bully, you will know how tall is a micro American bully.

A high-resolution image of a Micro American Bully puppy in a playful and welcoming environment. The puppy, with a friendly and curious expression, showcases its small size and distinctive breed characteristics.

How to Breed Micro Bully with American Bully

Before you begin the process of creating a micro bully mix with American bully, you need to consider a few important things. This will be helpful to ensure that you have a litter of puppies that don’t have health problems while you will be able to get all the desired traits that you want.

Make Sure that the Parents are Healthy

Before starting the breeding process, the best way is to contact a breeder-friendly vet and schedule a breeding soundness assessment. It is always a good idea to inform your vet that you would like to breed an American bully micro. As both the dogs would belong to the bully breed, an experienced vet would go for the X-rays for the joints of both dogs. Other than that, going for different screening tests is also a good option.

Decide the Traits You Would Like to Have in the Puppies

Whenever you plan to breed two different types of dogs with no purpose, then the experts recommend that you stop and take the idea of breeding out of your mind. Breeding a dog can always be a challenge, and it is more challenging than many people think. For this, you must have a proper plan and keep in mind different characteristics like the temperament, size and color of the dog. When you get the required traits, then you may have a high American bully micro size price.

Make Sure that the Parents are Safe from Diseases

The micro bully and the American bully that you want to breed should be vaccinated in a proper manner. If either of the dog types is due for a vaccine, then you have to go for it before the date of breeding. Being safe from diseases is crucial for a female dog because this gives immunity to the puppies. So, protecting the immune system of the mother is critical for the American bully dog micro size puppy.

An artistic rendering depicts a group of puppies in a warm, abstract setting. Each puppy has distinct but undefined features, representing a range of sizes and appearances. The illustration is set in an environment suggestive of comfort and care, with soft colors and gentle lighting.

Risks of Breeding Micro Bully with American Bully

When you have everything ready that you need for breeding the bully American micro, you need to prepare both parents for the procedure. The best way for you is to get services from an experienced so that you can breed both dogs together. Just like any other process, breeding also involves risks, and therefore, you should be ready for the problems that may arise.

  • Genetic mutation is A major risk in breeding a micro and an American bully. Even if the parents are generally healthy, the micro American bully puppies may come with certain problems like obesity, cancer, heart disease and even diabetes.


  • The American bully micro health problems can be the biggest risk for the designer breed’s puppy and the mother. The American bully is a general dog breed, so it may require a c-section to give birth. So, if it is a surgical procedure, it can have risks, including loss of life.


  • When you have a new or a mixed dog breed, there are chances that different kennel clubs may not register it. So, if you breed one without a proper procedure, you can even face legal problems.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to have a micro bully mix with American bully because both are different classes, but they belong to the same breed. It is worth mentioning that the dog breeding procedure can be quite challenging because it requires a lot of effort. It will be better to get assistance from an expert and have some cash for emergencies. When you want to breed the American bully micro size, then you need to stay patient and be ready for anything, as there are chances that you may not be that successful on the first try.