How to Distinguish Between Micro Bully and Bully?

Micro Bully Vs Bully
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It can be confusing for any person to remember all the dog breeds because numerous dog breeds look quite identical. It is especially true when we talk about the micro bully and a bully because both of these are different breeds. Many people treat these dog breeds as Pitbull Terriers because Pitbull is a term that people use to describe any dog that comes with a boxy head or is a muscular breed.

In order to know the difference between micro bully vs bully, it is important that you have clear knowledge of both the dog breeds. You have to understand their history, appearance and visual differences to understand how much they differ from each other. This way, it will become easy for you to decide which dog is ideal for you, as both the micro bully and the bully have various qualities, and they are considered to be favorites among many.

Close-up photograph of a Micro Bully's face, highlighting its wrinkly, loose skin reminiscent of an English Bulldog, with a larger American Bully blurred in the background

How do the Micro Bully and the Bully Appear?

When we compare micro bully vs bully, both are powerful dogs, but a bully is a slightly larger breed that can weigh more as compared to the micro bully. There is no doubt that both dogs come with muscular bodies, and their heads are boxy, but when we talk about the bully, it takes all of these to the extreme. On the other hand, the micro bully is a miniature version of the American bully that has a compact build, but its legs are very small.

A bully gives the look of a larger Pitbull that may be on steroids, but it comes with pointed ears. On the other hand, the micro bully has a number of traits resembling the English bulldog and the American Pitbull Terrier, which includes its wrinkly and loose skin. Keep in mind that this dog has a powerful and broad chest, while the muscles are on display, just like the bully. You need to understand that both these dog breeds are available in a wide array of markings and colorings, while their coats are smooth and short.

An educational chart-style image illustrating common health issues in Bully breeds, including hip dysplasia and heart diseases, with symbols and text, featuring images of a Micro Bully and a standard Bully for breed identification.

Health Issues Associated with Both the Dog Breeds

The micro bully and the bully breed are known for their intelligence, muscular builds, tenacity and loyalty, which have made them famous in all parts of the world. In general, both these dogs are healthy, but as with any dog breed, they can be vulnerable to certain health issues, and as an owner, it is important that you have complete information about these problems.

A micro bully can have spinal and joint issues, whereas certain bully bloodlines can be prone to thyroid and kidney problems. Both breeds love to eat, so if you are not careful, they can become obese.

Hip Dysplasia

It is known to be a ball-in-socket joint, where the thigh bone’s head rotates in a cuplike socket. When we compare micro bully vs bully, both can have hip dysplasia, and it tends to occur when the cartilage begins to deteriorate, which can result in deformation. We can see severe situations in the case of a micro bully where it is common to have loss of hip function and pain.

Skin Disease

Micro bully and all other bully breeds can have skin problems, just like humans. Sometimes, we are able to see clear, dry, and itchy patches on the skin of the dog. Seborrhea is another skin-related problem, which is a gland dysfunction that can result in oily or dry skin. As a dog owner, if you want to treat such conditions, then it can be done in a symptomatic manner.

Congenital Heart Disease

All the bully breeds, especially micro bully, can be vulnerable to congenital heart disease types, which include pulmonic and subaortic stenosis. There are certain disorders that can affect the interior walls and the walls of the heart. It is worth mentioning that such conditions are genetic but can also be a result of obesity. So, regular heartworm prevention and diet management can eliminate the risk of such diseases.

Eye Problems

Both in micro bully vs bully, eye issues are some of the common disorders. Cherry Eye can be seen in a lot of pups, which affects the nictitating membrane of the dog. When the dog faces such a condition, there could be a red obstruction in the eye of the dog. Such an illness can be treated surgically, and it is done by the displaced gland removal.

What is the Cost of Owning a Micro Bully and a Bully?

In general, both micro bully and bully are healthy dogs, meaning you don’t need to spend much on medical care. It can be a little more expensive to adopt a micro bully because you have to contact a specialized breeder in order to get one. Keep in mind that micro bully is a designer dog breed, and it is specially created by breeding the pocket bully and American Pitbull Terrier. In general, you can spend less on the maintenance of the micro bully.

When we talk about the bully, it is a relatively bigger dog; therefore, you can only bring it home if you can feed it properly. When comparing micro bully vs bully, feeding these dogs is never cheap. The bully requires weight-control food, especially when it is a little older, and therefore, the costs can go up. These dogs are not very costly when it comes to maintenance and are not more expensive than any other dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Those who admire the micro bully or bully would love to have both dogs because of a lot of similarities that these dogs have. Although there is a difference in size, when we talk about the micro bully vs bully, both of them resemble each other because of their friendly and loving personalities. However, it is worth mentioning that both these dogs are different; therefore, one should not make a mistake recognizing them. No matter which one you bring home, both are great pets to become your family members.