Deciding Between the Micro Bully and French Bulldog

A photograph depicting a micro bully and a French bulldog in profile in a family living room. The micro bully's muscle tone and agility contrast with the French bulldog's relaxed posture. The scene with toys scattered around conveys their adaptability and companionship qualities, showcasing the contrast and harmony between the two breeds in a domestic setting.
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American bully is famous for being an outgoing pup, and because of its looks, many consider it to be an ideal dog to own. It is divided into several different types, and out of these types, the micro bully is the most popular one because it is small in size and can fit in any size of the house. When comparing the micro bully vs French bulldog, both breeds may not have the same lineage but have many similarities and differences.

If you are a dog enthusiast, you must be wondering about the differences between French bulldog vs micro bully and which dog breed is the ideal one to own. The major difference is the structural appearance and the size of the dogs. Micro bully is the smallest American bully breed, while the French bulldog is a medium-sized dog that has a longer face and bat-like ears. It is worth mentioning that both dogs have their own unique characteristics that make them special.

A close-up photograph capturing the friendly faces of a micro bully and a French bulldog. The micro bully's compact build contrasts with the French bulldog's broader, bat-eared visage. The softly blurred background focuses on their engaging eyes, reflecting their playful and loyal nature.

History of Micro Bully and French Bulldog

The French bulldog’s origins can be seen in England, and it was specially bred to be a bulldog of small size. In Nottingham, lace workers used to have little bulldogs with them, and while migrating to France, they took these dogs with them. When comparing the French bulldog vs micro bully size, the French bulldog is a little larger but very popular in Europe. Many Americans have shown interest in it, and its nickname is Frenchie.

When we contrast micro bully vs French bulldog, micro bully is quite a new breed that emerged a few decades back. It is an American bully’s subcategory that was specially bred by crossing the Terrier and various bulldog breeds so that it can have a specific temperament and appearance. This dog has become a desirable companion because of its exaggerated features, small size and cuteness.

Main Characteristics of the Micro Bully and French Bulldog

There are some noticeable differences between micro bully vs French bulldog when it comes to size, weight, lifespan and adaptability. By looking at some of the characteristics, you will be better positioned to decide which one suits you and your family.


The micro bully comes with a proper muscle tone, and it is an ideal family dog to have. This dog is very agile, whereas its head and body proportions are quite balanced. Although its coat is smooth, this dog has a lot of strength according to its size. The French bulldog also has a muscular body, but besides playing, it loves to relax for a lot of time. You will find it to be intelligent and therefore, it is easy to train. The French bulldog is better known as a thinker dog but may need to be more obedient. It has the ability to get along well with everybody.


Micro bully is an ideal dog for a small home or an apartment. Even though this dog is able to live in moderate weather, a warm climate is also fine with it. One thing you must remember is that a micro bully loves to live among people and other pets. When we talk about French bulldog vs micro bully, the French bulldog can also adapt well to an apartment, but one problem it faces is that it is not able to stay alone for a longer period. It is worth mentioning that this dog breed cannot survive cold or hot weather, so air conditioning can be ideal for it.

Family Companionship

The micro bully is known to be the ultimate companion of a family. It is gentle with people and a very loving pup. This breed is famous for being obedient to the owners, and because of the decision caliber, you will find it to be very intelligent. If anyone harms the owner, it will get aggressive. The French bulldog is also a great family member and loves to play with children. You will find it to be polite, and it would love to chase balls and play games with you.

A photograph of a micro bully and a French bulldog side by side in a home setting, showcasing their size difference and distinct features. The micro bully is small with defined muscle tone, while the French bulldog has bat-like ears and a longer face. Both exhibit playful expressions, emphasizing their suitability as family pets.

Which One is Ideal Between the Two Dog Breeds?

If you like bullies and bulldogs which are happy, extroverted and playful, then both micro bully and French bulldog are best to keep in your home. It is hard to compare micro bully vs French bulldog because you will find them to be friendly and cute when you treat them fairly. Other than that, you will find both the dog breeds to be of pocket size; therefore, they are quite manageable, as they don’t take up a lot of space.

Micro bully is perfect for those who love muscular build, compact size and great looks. This dog is fiercely loyal, handles a lot, and makes a great companion. It only needs a little space but requires a little bit of exercise, which should never be a problem for you. If you don’t have a big yard, you can take it for walks and let your pup run around and play.

The French bulldog is also an ideal dog breed that would be ideal to keep if you have children at home. When you have a look at the lifespan of French bulldog vs micro bully, the French bulldog can live up to 12 years, while micro bully can survive for ten years maximum, as it can face health issues in its life.

Final Thoughts

When comparing micro bully vs French bulldog, you have to consider many aspects. If you are planning to add a micro bully or a French bulldog to your household, it can be difficult to imagine that you go wrong with either of these ideal dog breeds. Like any other dog breed, both these dogs are ideal companions, but each one faces challenges. The French bulldog comes with a lot more energy as compared to the micro bully and can take up a lot of space. The micro bully is a miniature pup, but it is capable of putting a damper on your wallet.