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Diverse group of Micro Bully breeds posing together in an outdoor park, illuminated by soft sunlight.
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Micro bully is a small American bully breed that seems like a miniature Pitbull. It is quite a new size dog that is becoming popular because of its size, and therefore, it can fit in any apartment or home. Not only the size but also the charming temperament and personality of this American bully breed are some of the traits that make it famous among dog enthusiasts. Some people might be confused regarding micro bully size because there is a minor difference between the size of this canine.

In general, a micro bully is the exotic bully’s miniature version and is specially bred to be smaller in size, but keep in mind that it differs in appearance. It all depends on the bloodline of the micro bully breed mix. Despite having a powerful body, you will find this pup to be very delicate and gentle, and the exaggeration of its appearance will surely make you speechless. So, no matter which bloodline your micro bully belongs to, it will naturally command the attention of your house.

Micro bully breeds

How is the Micro Bully Breeds Mix Created?

When we talk about some of the top breeders in different parts of the United States and the world, they normally go for the pocket American bullies and breed these dogs to extreme proportions to create the micro bully breeds. It is worth mentioning that they never are a closed gene pool, which means that several breeders go for other methods and choose other dogs like French bulldogs and shorty bulls.

In order to create the perfect micro bully mix, many reputable breeders tend to get influenced by the Pugs, English bulldogs, or the Boston Terriers. As a result, you are able to get a micro bully, but numerous breeders have their own bloodline. Micro bully looks quite similar to the American bully in appearance, but it always has a compact frame and a smaller size. Some experts believe that the bully heritage is the Patterdale Terrier, but this dog doesn’t have bulk, which is what the breeders don’t look for.

Types of Micro Bully Breeds

There are a variety of different micro bully breeds mixes available, each with its own unique appearance and temperament. Some of the most popular micro bully mixes include:

Pocket American Bully

Pocket American Bullies are the smallest type of American bully, and they are also the most popular type of micro bully mix. They are typically stocky and muscular, with broad heads and short noses.

Pride of the Pocket American Bully

Exotic Bully

Exotic Bullies are known for their extreme build and short legs. They are typically very muscular and have a lot of wrinkles on their face.

Exotic Bully with an extreme build and short legs, showcased in a minimalist indoor setting.

Shorty Bull

Shorty Bulls are a cross between an American Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. They are typically smaller than other micro bully mixes, and they have a more playful and energetic personality.

Energetic Shorty Bull leaping in a green field under a clear blue sky, showcasing its playful personality.

Mini Frenchie

Mini Frenchies are a cross between a French Bulldog and an American Bully. They are typically very affectionate and love to cuddle. For more details read Micro bully mix with French Bulldog.

Affectionate Mini Frenchie lounging on a cushion indoors, eyes filled with warmth and longing for cuddles.

Micro Bulldog

Micro Bulldogs are a cross between an English Bulldog and an American Bully. They are typically very gentle and calm dogs.

Micro Bulldog sitting peacefully in an outdoor setting surrounded by blossoms and greenery, reflecting its gentle and calm demeanor.
Close-up of an Exotic Bully's wrinkled face with expressive eyes, set against a blurred background of colorful dog toys.

What do the Micro Bully Breeds Look Like?

When you have a look at the micro bully dog, you will find it to be short and low to the ground. Yet it will be packing maximum muscle and is extremely broad. No matter which micro bully bloodline you look at, the height will be between 10 to 12 inches, and the weight will be around 35 to 45 pounds. All the mixes of the micro bully are known for their gigantic heads, having more wrinkles, and shorter noses. This is the reason why you will see the Shorty bulls and the French bulldog’s appearance quite obvious.

In appearance, the mixes of the micro bully always has some differences because it all depends on the bloodline. You will find some to resemble the Pocket bullies and look like their miniature version, others like the mini Frenchies, whereas you will find others like the small bulldogs. You must be wondering why there is a difference in micro bullies; the reason is that this particular breed doesn’t have a proper standard, while many micro bullies have bulldogs in the lineage.

Shorty Bull in mid-air, eagerly catching a frisbee against a backdrop of green grass and blue sky.

How to Take Care of the Mix of the Micro Bully?

These dogs have a glossy and a short coat. Keep in mind that the micro bully breeds come in a wide range of patterns & colors. The colors include blue, lilac, champagne, and many more, but among them, the Merle micro bully is the most expensive one. It doesn’t matter what micro bully mix you have; you will find it to be a very friendly, confident, and charming canine. Although it can be territorial and possessive, it gets along well with children and other pets.

Housing Requirements

The best thing about a micro bully is that it is capable of adapting to any housing situation, so it doesn’t matter whether you live in a small house or an apartment. You just have to provide it with proper space to move around and be involved in playful activities and give it outdoor access to play and exercise in a safe manner. Other than that, this dog would also love to be your companion no matter where you are at home.

Exercise Requirements

There are dog breeds known to be athletic, while others may be a little different. You will not find the mixes of the micro bully to be athletic dogs because of the extreme proportions, and they are smaller in size. In order to fulfill the exercise needs of your micro bully, you have to take it for a walk for about half an hour and also give it a little playtime. As a dog parent, you need to watch your pet, especially on hot days, because it is susceptible to heatstroke and overheating.

Grooming Requirements

Because of the short coat, your pup requires very little grooming. A weekly brushing for removing loose hair may be enough, but no matter the bloodline, the micro bully is prone to seasonal shedding. You also have to give it a bath after a few months, but it all depends on the coat condition and the activity levels of your canine. As an owner, keep checking on the teeth, nails, and ears of your micro bully so that any issues can be addressed promptly. It would be best if you have all the required grooming equipment, like nail clippers, eye wipes, etc.

Final Thoughts

These days, micro bully has become one of the most sought after pets for those who want to have canine companions. Over time, this particular dog breed is constantly evolving, and we are able to see some of the best dogs from the top bloodlines. So, if you are looking for the best micro bully breed mix, you have to contact a reputable breeder who selectively chooses the dogs so that they can breed to extreme proportions. This way, you will have healthy and charming companions as the dog parents.