Intriguing Characteristics of the Micro bully Frenchie Mix

Photograph of a muscular micro bully and French bulldog mix with a brindle and white coat, standing in a well-kept backyard with manicured grass and decorative plants, under soft afternoon sunlight.
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These days, many people would like to have their dogs to have the best looks, traits and several other characteristics. As it looks impossible to get everything from a single dog breed, a hybrid breed is something that many dog enthusiasts prefer. These are the dog breeds that have physical features resembling one breed, while their personality resembles the other one. One such kind is a micro bully and French bulldog mix, which is a highly desired and unique hybrid breed.

This mixture of the micro bully and the French bulldog has become an excellent companion for many. It is friendly, affectionate, playful, protective and a loyal pet to have. The best thing about the Micro bully Frenchie mix is that it is ideal to complement the family and lifestyle of the owner. Other than that, it is a mixed dog breed, which means that it automatically has a stocky and muscular build. It is able to get all these features from the micro bully, while a playful and compact nature from the French bulldog.

Close-up photograph of a micro bully French bulldog mix focusing on its short nose and bat-shaped ears, with a soft, blurred background emphasizing its friendly eyes and a gentle expression.

What Happens When We Mix Micro Bully with a French Bulldog

In general, a micro bully mix with Frenchie bulldog is known to be a designer dog breed that is heavy-boned, short and muscular looking. It is worth understanding that the French bulldog is quite small in size and stands at around 11 to 13 inches, whereas you will find the height of the micro bully to be around 16 to 20 inches at most. One can safely assume that this mixture of the micro bully with the French bulldog can have a height that may be between both the dog breeds, as it will acquire the traits of both the famous dogs.

When we have a look at the appearance of the Frenchie mixed with micro bully, it doesn’t vary a lot from the parents. You need to keep in mind that both the micro bully and the French bulldog are a brachycephalic breed, which means that they already come with a pushed-in face, whereas the skull bone of these dogs is also shorter. One thing that sets apart this particular breed is that its ears could either be floppy or bat-shaped.

When we have a close look at the temperament, we may find a small difference in this designer breed as compared to the micro bully or the French bulldog. The best thing about both dogs is that they are capable of displaying playfulness and are even-tampered, but their attitude can be laid-back. So, this dog breed can be ideal to be a family member, and it can be great with your kids and other people.

Action photograph of a micro bully French bulldog mix playing fetch in a sunny park, captured mid-motion with an athletic build and compact size, against a backdrop of green grass, trees, and blue sky.

Breeding the Micro Bully and French Bulldog Mix

Breeding the Frenchie mix with micro bully is among the main challenges that many people face. One may have questions about the right steps to take for the preparation of the process, the right time to breed the dog and what to expect when it gives birth. There are a few crucial steps that you can follow to make the experience safe. These include whelping and artificial insemination.

For artificial insemination, a sperm is drawn from the dog, and then it is inserted into the reproductive tract of the female. In order to achieve positive results, the entire process can be done a few times. Mostly, you may get the micro Frenchie bully puppy through cesarean section. Therefore, it is better to contact the vet and monitor the progress of the dog. You will also get guidance on what you can expect during the entire pregnancy period of the dog. Besides this, you will be ready for the complications that can arise during the time of delivery.

Serene photograph of a micro bully French bulldog mix puppy lying on a plush cushion indoors, showcasing its small size and adorable features, in a room with soft, neutral colors and warm lighting."

Physical Characteristics Micro bully Frenchie Mix

Many people believe that the micro bully was first created in 2008, whereas the French bulldog and micro bully mix was also born in the 21st Century from the micro bully and the French bulldog. There are a few crucial features of this hybrid dog breed that can be helpful in giving us a complete idea of its outlook.

Ears and Tail

Only a few people are aware of the fact that the Frenchie and micro bully mix dogs may come with flat-folded ears, just like their parents. Both its parent breeds, the micro bully and the French bulldog, have such types of ears. Other than that, when you have a close look at its tail, you will find it to be wavy, corkscrewed, and long, which resembles a lot with its parents.

Body Shape

The body of the micro bully French bulldog mix is muscular, slow-slung, more athletic and solid with a large head, as compared to both its parent dog breeds. Keep in mind that it might be smaller than the French bulldog, but it can be taller than the micro bully. Apart from this, you will notice that this mixed dog breed comes with sturdy limbs and wide shoulders.

Coat Type

The French bulldog mix with micro bully has a short, fine and smooth coat. The standard colors of this particular dog breed are black, brown, cream, white, fawn and brindle. This mixture of two dog breeds can also have paired colors like black and white, black and brown, fawn and white and many more. It is worth mentioning that this particular dog breed may also have a mask from the snout towards the face.

The Micro Bully French Bulldog Mix in Its Backyard Haven

Lifespan and Common Diseases

When we talk about the average lifespan of the micro bully and French bull dog mix is around 8 to 10 years. But when you give it proper care, your pup can have a longer life. You need to understand that if your dog happens to suffer from some serious health problems, then its lifespan can decrease. The following are some of the common health issues of this mixed dog breed.

Thyroid Problems

There is a thyroid hormone known as hyperthyroidism. There are chances that your French bulldog mix micro bully may face a thyroid problem if it has hyperthyroidism in excess or lacks it. Besides this, your beloved pup can also have hyperthyroidism if its iodine level is very little or too much.

Skin Issues

There are numerous skin issues that can make your dog suffer. Out of many, fungal, yeast, and bacterial infections like hot spots and pyoderma are the common ones. Your dog may also get sick from demodectic mange, different types of allergic reactions and flea infestations. Therefore, you have to ensure that you take proper care of your canine’s skin issues and visit the vet regularly.

Back Pain

Many people may need more information about the health issues related to the Frenchie micro bully. As this dog is born with delicate spines, it can create back problems, especially when it takes excess pressure. So, you need to properly observe your furry friend, especially when it happens to jump from the stairs and the bed.

Final Thoughts

The micro bully and French bulldog mix is a very loyal and incredibly dedicated pet to have. The best thing about this dog is that it loves its owner and enjoys hanging out with humans. If you are an active dog owner, you will find it to be a perfect family member, and it is capable of interacting with the kids in an amazing manner.

When you are able to offer your French bulldog x micro bully plenty of activity and exercise, then you can prevent its troublesome behavior. Keep in mind that it loves to play at parks and have long walks. So, if you plan to own a playful, small and easy-to-care-for dog, nothing can beat this designer dog breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Micro Bully Frenchie mix a good dog to have?

This mix dog is very popular among people, but whether it is good or not depends on a number of factors. Upbringing, temperament and socialization are all factors one needs to consider. In general, it is a very friendly dog, but it can also be sometimes a little aggressive.

How big the micro bully and the French bulldog mixture can get?

The micro bully and French bulldog mix are able to reach a height of a little under 11 inches at the shoulder. Normally, the weight of this dog is between 14 and 22 pounds when it is a grown-up dog. Remember that this is an unofficial size, which means it can be taller or shorter.

How many puppies can the French bulldog mixed with micro bully have?

On average, the Frenchie mixed with micro bully can have three puppies in its litter. However, this number is low as compared to other dog breeds because many can have around eight puppies in the litter. The main reason is that these dogs are very small, so that they may need more space for more puppies.