Micro Bully Size Weight and Height Guide

Illustration of a micro bully in side profile, standing next to a ruler that displays its height and size, with annotations in both inches and centimeters against a light blue background.
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We all would love to have a warm, friendly pup that is loving and gentle around people and can make a great family pet. Although there are numerous varieties of dogs out there in the market, some of them have the qualities that draw owners to look for their unique breed. Out of these, the micro bully is a fun size dog that is becoming very popular lately. This micro size American bully can fit in any home or apartment, while it comes with a charming personality and American bully temperament.

There is no doubt that micro bully size is something that attracts people, but this dog breed has the genetics of numerous dogs, and it is available in an infinite range of patterns and colors. As a dog owner, when you are able to keep a size chart for your micro bully full grown, you will be able to make sure that its growth is monitored. Keep in mind that a few factors can affect your micro bully height, including health, genetics and exercise. Other than that, it would help if you learned how to maintain your micro-bully weight to avoid any health-related issues.

Micro Bully Size and Physical Specifications

When we have a look at the micro size bully, it resembles a classic dog’s smaller version. It is muscular, stocky, and has a broad chest and short legs. The micro version of bully is still not a part of a registry, and it is basically a result of the carefully selected breeding techniques of mixed and pure dog breeds. Because of this, the micro bully size and weight show biological diversity. All its features are inherited from the pocket bully, American Pitbull terrier, and much more.

Talking about the micro bully size, it can grow up to 17 inches tall, yet there are many that can grow up to 11 inches. If you are wondering what the average weight of the micro bully is, its normal weight remains between 30 to 40 pounds, but some are as light as 20 pounds. It is a muscular canine with small legs and a large head, and if you plan to have one, it is always a great idea to keep a micro bully growth chart so that you can have a proper idea of how to maintain them.

An image displaying the various growth stages of a micro bully dog, from a tiny, playful puppy with soft fur and floppy ears, gradually maturing into a robust and muscular adult with a shiny coat and confident stance.

What are the Development Stages of the Micro Bully Puppy?

You will likely be able to get a micro size bully because this particular dog breed has become very popular in public, and therefore, breeders are growing them in good numbers. The following are the main development stages of the micro bully that helps us to understand their height and weight

Birth to 2 Weeks

4 to 9 Months

3 to 12 Weeks

10 to 18 Months

Adult Micro Bully

Whether it is the smallest micro bully or a little large one, this is the time when it stops growing. Now it requires good exercise and a balanced diet so that it is able to maintain a healthy weight. You should pay regular visits to the vet so that any health conditions can be caught earlier.

Birth to 2 Weeks

3 to 12 Weeks

4 to 9 Months

10 to 18 Months

This particular stage is known as the neonatal one and is crucial for your puppy's development. In this stage, the mother's milk provides it with all the nutrients for it to grow.

At this age, the eyes open, the ears start operating, and the dog starts eating solid foods. Most people have the micro bully weight chart so that they can measure the exact weight and see what the required weight of their dog is at this age.

Your micro size bully becomes a teenager at this age and shows signs of growth. They must be stimulated physically and mentally to avoid any destructive behavior.

This is the stage where the micro bully's height and weight make it an adult. They will start eating adult dog food and require exercises so that they can avoid any diseases. Keep in mind that an underweight bully may still keep growing till the age of 18 months.

When do Micro Bullies Stop Growing?

Normally, a micro bully stops growing when it reaches the age of 18 months up to 2 years. This is the time when you will have the micro bully full size in terms of weight and height. Remember that it still doesn’t mean your micro bully will stop growing because the bones and muscles can still keep developing. Other than that, if you are wondering how tall is a micro bully? The answer is that it can get slightly heavier and taller until it is able to reach the age of two years.

There are a number of factors that can have an effect on your micro bully male height. These include health, genetics, exercise and nutrition. As a dog parent, you need to understand what size is a micro bully and make sure that it can achieve optimal growth. For this, you have to feed it a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients to achieve the required growth. Even if it is a full grown micro bully, it is always a better idea to take it to the vet for regular checkups, as this way, it will stay in perfect health.

An image illustrating a size comparison between two micro bully dogs standing side by side; the dog on the left is noticeably taller and bulkier, showcasing a more developed muscular structure, while the dog on the right is smaller and more petite in stature.

Which Factors Affect the Growth of a Mirco Bully?

When it is about making serious decisions in life, bringing a micro bully is one of them because it can have an effect on your and your dog’s life for the coming years. Therefore, whether it is a puppy or a full grown micro bully, you need to provide it top-notch care. The following are some of the major factors that can affect your canine’s growth.

  • Gender and Genetics

Health-related issues are some of the main reasons that can affect the growth of your micro bully full grown. You must contact the breeder to have a look at the parents of the puppy and their health records as well. With genetics, you are able to know which diseases your beloved pet is prone to and what it will look like after becoming an adult.

  • Health and Physical Activities

In order to maintain the health of your dog, you must help it with physical activities. Regular exercise allows you to keep your dog physically fit and have the right weight. Over time, you should also keep measuring the micro bully inches. Keep in mind that the overall health of your pet will be helpful to overcome later health issues and is essential for the growth curve.

  • Nutrition

There is no doubt that feeding your dog is necessary, but the type of food you feed it has more importance. You can’t go for the first kibble bag that you find on Amazon and see how big does a micro bully get. If your pup has an inappropriate diet, its life can get seriously messed up. So, it would help if you looked for suitable food that can help with your dog’s growth. With the help of the size chart for micro bully, you will be able to determine how many inches is a micro bully.

How Can You Tell if Your Micro Bully is Over Weight or Under Weight?

When having a look at the measurement for micro bully, it is important that the dog must have a visible tuck behind its chest cavity. Other than that, when you view it from above, its waist must be visible to you. If you are keeping your micro-bully for a long time, then you will be able to determine the ideal weight according to the micro bully dog size. You can always discuss the ideal body condition of your pup with an expert so that you can know that it is well-proportioned.

As a dog owner, you should know how much does a micro bully weight. You will be able to find out whether it is too thin or obese. So, if your dog appears on either end, you should keep in mind that it will definitely require a vet’s attention. If you have a fully grown micro bully and it is underweight, then the clear signs are having the waist and ribs visible. Other than that, their tummies may also have ribcages. On the other hand, if your dog is overweight, it will have no distinction between the stomach and the waist. Keep a check on your bully micro size because an overweight one will pant a lot when walking and will nap more.

What to Do if the Micro Bully is Not of the Right Weight?

When you own a micro bully puppy, the first thing for you is to keep track of how big is a micro bully and also have a look at its body changes. With the help of the parameters like the micro bully height chart, you will be able to know about the appropriate weight of the puppy. Keep in mind that it should always be an issue for you if it is different. There will be too much fat on the ribs of an obese or an overweight dog, whereas the ribcage of the underweight will be visible, and you will find it to be exhausted.

Keep in mind the micro bully size differences, and if you are able to notice that it is overweight or underweight, then take it seriously and consult the vet.

  • Measure your American bully micro size puppy because if it is obese, then you have to change its diet, keep it away from treats and give it proper exercise on a regular basis.
  • On the other hand, if the dog is underweight, then you have to change the food and provide it with real proteins. Never go for food with fillers for your smallest micro bully; offer it a dose of vitamins, carbs and proteins.

Final Words

If you own a micro bully or would like to have one, then the micro bully size chart can be a valuable resource for you. Keep in mind that these pets undergo several changes during their first year. Therefore, if you know what to expect regarding your micro bully measurements will help to ensure that it receives the best possible care. It is important that you maintain a healthy micro American bully weight throughout your life, and there are steps that can be helpful to gain or lose weight if it is not ideal. Other than that, you also have to keep your micro bully length in mind and keep measuring it to ensure it’s growing according to the expectations.

Frequntely Asked Question

How tall can a micro bully get in size?
On average, the micro bully size is around 10 to 14 inches, but it has a similar body type as a pocket bully. When it is about the micro American bully height, there is always a difference between the males and the females. Other than that, the micro bully neck size is also different, and it is always better to measure your pet’s neck.
What is the average weight of a micro bully?
When we talk about the micro bully weight, it is usually around 40-50 pounds on average. Keep in mind that it is the micro size American bully that may have short height, but its physique is muscular. Its weight might be slightly less than the Labrador Retriever, but the Labrador stands at twice the height of a micro bully.
How to manage your micro bully’s weight?
The best way to manage your micro bully size and weight is to provide it with regular exercise so that it can remain mentally stimulated and physically active. As an owner, you need to keep it engaged in play sessions, daily walks and interactive toys. Other than that, having a micro bully weight chart is a great way to promote its overall well-being.
When does a micro bully stop growing?
Normally your micro bully will stop growing when it reaches the age of one year. This is when your micro bully’s height and weight make it an adult. Although it doesn’t mean that there will be no more growth in your micro bully size because its muscles and bones keep developing, and it may still get slightly heavier and taller.