Characteristics and Traits of Pomeranian and Micro Bully Blend

A photograph of a Pomeranian Micro Bully mix puppy, small in stature with a larger head, featuring a short, thick double-layered white coat with brown patches. The puppy appears playful and curious in a cozy apartment setting, with soft natural light enhancing the unique colors of its coat.
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Our world is full of different kinds of dogs; therefore, keeping track of them is always challenging. These days, the popularity of hybrid dogs is increasing, as people prefer unusual coupling of different types of dogs. Micro bully is a famous dog breed that comes with a big personality, and people love it in all parts of the globe. The same is the case with the Pomeranian, as it is a bold and adorable dog breed that has remained a favorite choice of dog enthusiasts.

The Pomeranian micro bully mix is a combination of a designer dog breed that became famous and gave birth to various offspring. Whether it is the micro American bully or the Pomeranian, both bring cuteness and spunk to this hybrid dog breed. Keep in mind that this breed can get as expensive as a purebred one, and therefore, it is a highly sought-after dog. So, if you are looking for a companion dog, this designer dog is the one you would love to have.

A close-up photograph of a Pomeranian Micro Bully mix puppy, emphasizing its small size and distinctively larger head. The puppy's short, thick coat of white and brown is in sharp focus, with a blurred background highlighting its unique physical traits, such as coat texture and facial features.

What does the Pomeranian Micro Bully Mix Look Like?

One thing to make sure of is that every Pomeranian micro bully mix puppy would be different from others because it all depends on what and how much it can inherit from the side of its parents. Every pup of this hybrid dog will have a completely different physical appearance. Yet, we can expect how it would look like.


This dog’s parents are small in size; therefore, you will find this mix breed quite unique. On its parent’s side, the micro bully comes with a large head, whereas the Pomeranian has a smaller head. So, it will be a small-sized pup with a larger head on the body.


By looking at the parents, you will be able to guess the color of your Pomeranian micro bully mix. This hybrid dog comes in white color with a blaze of brown. Pomeranian comes in a single color: black, white or brown. When we talk about the micro bully, it can be found in a large array of different colors.


The coat of all the American bully dogs, including the micro bullies, is single with short hair. On the other hand, Pomeranian has a thick and double-layered coat that sheds one or two times a year. So, you can know the coat’s characteristics, but mostly, its coat is double-layered with thickness but with short hairs on the rounded body.

A photograph capturing a Pomeranian Micro Bully mix in a playful stance in an apartment living area, interacting gently with children. The image showcases the dog's friendly and adaptable nature in a warm, homely setting with inviting lighting.

Temperament of the Pomeranian Micro Bully Mix

The Pomeranian micro bully mix inherits some unique physical and behavioral traits from its parents. Therefore, its temperament would be quite unique as compared to other dogs. However, being alert, active, adaptable and friendly are some of the main reasons this dog has become extremely popular. This dog would have no issues living in an apartment, and it has an incredible companionship with the children, which means that you will find it to be an ideal family pup.

When it is about other pets, this hybrid dog goes along well with them, but like other dogs, it needs early socialization. One thing that you should be aware of is the hot or cold weather, as this dog is unable to tolerate them and would not be able to survive any changes in temperature. When left alone, it will not do well on its own, which means that it requires care and proper interaction in order to be happy. You also have to provide proper exercise to your furry friend because it comes with high levels of energy.

An action photograph of a Pomeranian Micro Bully mix playing at the beach, showcasing its outgoing personality. The dog's vibrant coat is accentuated by the sunlight, highlighting its energy and joy against the backdrop of the ocean.

Advantages of Having the Mix of Micro Bully and Pomeranian

The Pomeranian micro bully mix is a cross between the micro bully and the Pomeranian that was first bred in America. Right from the start, it has become popular among families and children, and that is why its demand has been on the rise all the time. The following are some of the advantages of having this mixed dog breed.

  • It is an outgoing dob breed that loves to take part in any outdoor activity. So, you will find it to be a perfect companion whether you are going to a beach outing or swimming.
  • It is a hybrid dog breed with all the traits and features you would love to see. That is why you will find it to be fun and exciting to be around.
  • The Pomeranian micro bully mix can become an ideal watchdog for you. It can get alert when it feels that anything is suspicious around the home.
  • Your mixed dog would not have any problems with strangers, and you will find it to be very friendly towards everyone.
  • Being intelligent, this dog can easily follow all your commands, and as it would love to please you as the owner, it will perform different tricks to make you happy.
  • The dog has a great potential to play for a long time. So, whether it is you or your kids, it will be very happy to have you around.
  • The appearance of this dog is jaw-dropping. So, when you will have a first look at it, you will certainly find it to be amazing.

Whenever you buy one, it is recommended that you choose a healthy puppy from a reputable and responsible dog breeder who would be offering health insurance on the pup. It would be better not to get one from the puppy mill because they never care about the health of the puppies.

Final Thoughts

When you own a Pomeranian micro bully mix, you will find it to be a wonderful companion because of its bold personality and compact size. The size is a dominant trait of a micro bully as well as the Pomeranian. So, if you want to have a portable pup that is capable of adapting to a little living space like an apartment but is small in size and comes with a great personality, then nothing can beat this mix of micro bully and the Pomeranian.