Can a Micro Bully Have Blue Merle Color?

Blue merle micro bully
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American bully is famous for being a loyal and wonderful pet, and the best thing about this pet is that it is extroverted, confident and quite gentle in nature. As a dog parent, you will find your American bully to be patient with children, while its trustworthiness and courage are a plus point. It can be found in several variations, and the best among is the micro bully, known for its compact size but has common character traits.

An unusual attribute of the micro bully is that it sometimes comes with a unique coat pattern. The blue merle micro bully coat is one of the most attractive ones for a reason, and the micro bullies having a blue merle coat are coveted by the majority of dog breeders and owners. It is worth mentioning that this coat pattern may be associated with a few health issues, but overall, it is eye-catching and will make you fall in love with your micro bully.

Micro american tri blue bully looking at the camera

The Blue Merle Micro Bully

You will find the micro bully to appear in various coat colors, which include red, blue, fawn, grey and blue. All the colors tend to get affected by the merle color. If you want to look for the blue merle micro bully, you will find it to be quite common among the merle bullies. Keep in mind that the color isn’t actually blue, so when we talk about the blue merle color, it comes with a grey-color coat that normally comes marked with black patches on it.

When you carefully notice under certain lighting types, this grey-color coat having black colored patches will appear bluish, and this is one of the main reasons why it is known as the bluish merle. It is worth mentioning that some people mistake a micro bully with a blue merle with the American bully micro tri blue because there is a similarity in the coat colors. However, when you have a close look at them, you will be able to understand the difference between the two.

Blue merle micro bully puppy

Is American Bully Micro Tri Blue A Purebred?

Micro bullies with tri colors come with a number of names. These are the chocolate tri, black tri, lilac and blue tri. Keep in mind that these dogs can have patterns like trindle, creeping tan, piebald tri and tricked tri. The American bully micro tri blue is quite a rare dog breed but is increasingly popular with the public. The Answer to your micro bully being purebred completely depends on the dog. In general, a dog can either be mixed or purebred.

It is possible to find a blue merle micro bully, and it can be a purebred. Although there are certain breeds that come with the blue merle coat, they may occur as mixed dog breeds. No matter what the case, if your micro bully is registered with a kennel club, then you will be able to get a clear indication of whether it is a mixed or a purebred. If you like to be sure about it, the best way is to go for a DNA test. This way, you will be able to confirm the ancestry of your micro bully breed, and it doesn’t matter what color it has.

group of micro bullies featuring various colors

Are There Any Problems with the Blue Merle Coat Color?

Having genetic health issues is one of the biggest problems that a blue merle micro bully may have, and the main reason is the unique coloring. There are a number of people who may not know that a dominant gene produces merle, which is an alternate coat color. The following are some of the problems that your micro bully with such a unique coat color may face.

  • A micro bully with a merle coat normally has mottled color patches and it is found in different colors; out of these, blue is the most impressive one.


  • Although the colors are aesthetically pleasing, the gene responsible for producing such type of specific coloring in your dog can be associated with numerous genetic health problems.


  • The American bully micro tri blue can have health issues that can affect its hearing and sight. Although the temperament and behaviour of the micro bullies remain the same, no matter what the color, with this unique color, it can have these problems and various other physical attributes.


  • You will also notice a Merle blue micro bully suffering from heart defects, skeletal abnormalities and things like pigment-related defects in the eyes.


So, if you are among the prospective owners, it is better that you discuss in detail with the breeders about the health of your puppy that you may suspect of being a merle. If the breeder is experienced and reputable, then there are chances that he will offer you assurance that your potential micro bully puppy will not have any health problems that one can associate with the merle gene.

If you are a micro bully breeder, then it is important that you go through proper research for the genetics of your potential blue merle puppy. You can even speak to some of the knowledgeable experts before you create one. This way, you will have a complete idea about the steps you are taking and how you can breed a dog without any health problems.

Final Thoughts

Aside from having a strikingly unique coat color, the blue merle micro bully is no different from any other micro bully, especially when it comes to personality. It is an affectionate, friendly and playful dog, but because of the dominant merle gene, it can have certain health-related issues. So, before you bring it home, it is better to have basic information about this coat color. This way, you will be able to understand the responsibilities that you need to carry in order to take care of your American bully micro tri blue, especially the health problems that you can face in future.