Lilac Tri A Rare Jewel in the Micro American Bully Family

Lilac Tri Micro Bully with a tri-color coat standing in a vibrant garden illuminated by the golden hour light.
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There is no doubt that a micro bully in any color is a jaw-dropping beauty, but there are a few unique colors that can be very striking. This particular American Bully breed is available in a solid color, mixed color and even a tri-color coat. The lilac tri micro bully is a rare dog that is made by targeting certain genetics because of the high demand. The first requirement for any breeder is to have a tan point gene in the parents, but it will still be challenging to get the color of the offspring that one wants.

Not every individual can know about micro bully lilac tri. It is important to do proper research to understand what it means. If you want to find out that the dog you are about to buy is a lilac tri variant, then you have to ensure that it resembles the pattern that has all three colors in it. Normally, the lilac tri combinations have roots in older dog bloodlines, but it is only recently that the boom has occurred, and people would love to have tri puppies.

Lilac tri a Intricate Beauty 1

Is Lilac Tri Micro Bully a Separate American Bully Breed?

Over the past few years, there has been quite an increase in the popularity of the tri-color bullies, and out of these, the lilac tri micro bully has become a leading one in popularity. As it is famous, there is confusion among many that it is a different breed than the regular micro bully. In order to clear up the confusion, it is important for us to have more information. Micro bully is a compact size bulky breed that is not recognized by all the kennel clubs, and those who recognize it don’t see the tri-color bully to be a different breed.

The breeders are able to create a wide range of color combinations that occur within the micro bully breed. As micro bully is a relatively new breed, they are split up into different types. The distinction of the lilac tri merle micro bully may not only be based on the color, but there could be other factors as well. So, if you want to get the best out of your micro bully, you need to provide training and socialization. So, whether it is a lilac tri or any other color coat, your dog requires your attention and time.

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Understanding the Lilac Tri Merle Micro Bully

The lilac tri merle micro bully is truly beautiful and very eye-catching. It is the genetic mutation that is responsible for causing the merle coat that happens to affect pigmentation. Because of this particular gene, you will be able to notice lighter patches on a solid coat of your micro bully, and you will find it to be very attractive. If one side of the family has a merle color gene, then there is a possibility that the offspring will be free from health issues.

Merle genes shouldn’t come from both parents because it can result in an under-pigmented dog that can be prone to various health problems. When you have a proper look at the lilac tri merle, you will notice tan points, merle coats and white markings that have to be spayed. Keep in mind that the micro bully lilac tri is light grey in color, has tan points and comes with white markings. So, there is a small difference between lilac tri and lilac tri merle.

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Is it a Good Idea to Breed the Lilac Tri Micro Bully?

American bullies can be seen in all shapes and sizes, and they range from the micro bullies up to the XXL bullies, who are the largest ones. Micro bullies are the ones that come with some rarities, especially health-related issues, as they are heavy builds in a compact size. If you are able to meet the requirements of becoming an ethical dog breeder, then you should go for it, but keep in mind that there are certain obligations placed to become one. There is no doubt that the lilac tri micro bully will be able to fetch a very good price for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for a common or rare color; you have to consider the welfare of your canine. You need to go for a vigorous and strong micro bully that has a good temperament. Other than that, you can only go for the micro bully lilac tri with knowledge. It is better to have an understanding of genetics so that you can know which color combinations will work great.

People think that the Lilac Merle micro bully can be a money spinner, but they need to realize that there are certain costs that make it less profitable. So, if you are in love with a micro bully breed and you are sure that you can make a contribution, then you should try a color combination, but try not to make your living out of it. Even some of the top micro bully breeders in different parts of the world don’t only depend on breeding. So, even if you are not able to get a tri-color micro bully, you will still have the companionship of the perfect pet. As all the micro bully breeds are the same, so if you are able to find one with any color, you will be thrilled to have it.

Final Thoughts

Although the dog breed and color are important, everyone looks for a staunch companion in a dog. If you are among those who choose a dog because of its color, it is never a bad approach. Micro bully is among a few dog breeds that can be found in almost any color or pattern. These days, the lilac tri micro bully is becoming very popular because some people think of it as a completely different dog breed. There is a certain criterion for a micro bully with a lilac tri color that has to be met to show that it is unique with special markings and colors.