The World of Micro Bullies: A Visual Guide

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If you are a dog lover and are a bully breed enthusiast, then you would definitely love to know more about the new breed of bully out there, the micro bully. Micro bully is an exotic dog breed that first gained popularity in public due to its striking appearance. When you look at the micro bully images, you will find out that it is a stocky and muscular dog with quite a unique personality, making it a perfect companion.

The micro or the exotic bully has a larger head as compared to the American bully, while it has a wider chest and a short muzzle. Keep in mind that this particular dog breed is also a result of selective breeding. Pet parents and breeders in all parts of the world are impressed with these beautiful dogs, and that is why even the images of micro bully dogs are quite charming. When we explore social media platforms, we see thousands of people getting impressed and planning to buy micro bullies.

A Micro Bully and its owner sitting side by side, both gazing towards the horizon as the sun sets, enveloped in a warm, golden glow, highlighting their deep connection.

What are the Desired Micro Bully Traits?

The height of the micro bully is exactly the same as its length, while its ribcage is compact. It resembles quite a lot with the American bully, but its neck is strong and muscular. Some people don’t desire the wrinkly skin of the bullies, and they consider it a fault when looking at the micro bully pics. Very minimum to no wrinkles are considered to be the best micro bully breeds.

The coat of a micro bully is short and smooth, and you can see it in a number of colors. If you really want to see its number of colors live, then the best way is to go to the micro bully dog show. There is pigmentation around the eyes of this dog breed, and their eyes can also have different colors. Other than that, you will see some micro bullies having different types of tails. Those with kinked and short tails are not considered to be of the breeding standard. The same standard is applied to the screw or the bob-tailed ones. In fact, the tail should be straight, medium, and low set.

The following are some of the desired micro-bully traits:

  • The body should be small and compact
  • Length and height must be the same
  • Height should not exceed 13 inches, whereas the weight should be between 15 to 30 pounds.
  • There should be no elbow sticking past the width of the shoulder
  • Must have small feet and prominent cheeks
  • The width between the top of the skull and the head must be the same
A Micro Bully engaging in a joyful game of fetch with its owner in an open field, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, emphasizing their bond.

Personality of Micro Bullies: Beyond the Images

When you look at any bully breed, it looks intimidating, just like the cute micro bully when you look at it. Normally, it has pronounced cheeks and is very muscular, and has a sinister look. However, when you properly train and socialize with this particular breed of dog, you will find it the friendliest around you. Keep in mind that a micro bully is never aggressive, and therefore, it comes with a great personality.

If you are a new dog parent, the micro bully may not be your best dog. You must be a confident and strong leader who can understand this particular breed in a good manner. As it is of small size and has a compact body, you see the show quality micro bully on a regular basis. There, you will see some of the best exotic bully breeds out in the market with jaw-dropping looks. Keep in mind that these dogs do great with other dogs as long as you socialize them from a very young age.

Multiple distinct Micro Bullies at an indoor dog show, each presenting its unique features, with the grandeur of the event enhanced by the bright overhead lights reflecting off the polished floor.

Why Micro Bullies Are Gaining Popularity?

Over the past few years, we have been able to see quite an evolution in the breeding standard of a micro bully. It means that the breeders are trying to create a perfect micro-bully for you. The micro bully expo 2022 was the biggest-ever show, where hundreds of contestants presented their beautiful micro bully breeds to the public. The main idea behind organizing such shows and expos is to encourage the micro bully dog owners and those who plan to become dog parents.

Because of the expo and many other dog shows, we have been able to witness the increased popularity of a micro bully in the past few years. Because of the high demand, the breeders have to go for the smaller dogs. Other than that, there has been a big role played by social media in the popularity of this dog breed. Some of the top influencers showcase their micro bullies online, which is why you can see the image of forty niner micro bully available for sale.

Micro bully pics

Impact of Social Media

When we look at some of the top social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram, we can see a strong presence of micro bullies. Many dog breeders post micro bully images, and if one wants to buy it from them, they tend to communicate with each other. These days, it has become a fashion for many influencers and even celebrities to own micro bullies. Because of this, their followers also try to emulate them by owning one.

In the past few years, micro-bullies have gained a lot of attention, especially from some of the top celebrities. That is why we are able to see images of micro bully dogs with celebrities. Like many top stars own the dog breed, so common people love having one in their homes.

Micro bully expo

The Role of Dog Shows and Expos

Over the past few years, there has been quite an increase in the demand for micro bullies, and it is evident from the fact that the micro bully expo 2022 was one of the largest ones where several owners brought the exotic breed. Because of the large head and compact body, several breeders charge high prices for them.

Remember that when you go for a cute micro bully, you must understand whether it came from a certified breeder or an unscrupulous breeder. Keep in mind that these individuals or groups only look for profits and not the welfare of the dogs.

Final Thoughts

Micro bully is one of the most searched individual dogs that have traits of both the English and the American bulldog. Its body is short and stout, whereas its head is quite large. Many people choose one by looking at the micro bully pics, while there is also a controversy surrounding them, as critics argue that they can be prone to certain health issues. By looking at the image of forty niner micro bully, many criticize that it is bred for aesthetic reasons and not for its well-being and health.