Difference Between Micro and Standard Bully

A photograph of two American bullies, a micro bully vs standard bully, side by side in a park. The micro bully is significantly smaller and more compact, while the standard bully is larger, both displaying friendly demeanors. The neutral park setting emphasizes their size disparity.
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People love many dog breeds, but some are becoming the favorites among the masses, and the American bully is at the top of the list. Although it is a new breed, it comes in diverse sizes, and every dog is different from the others. When it comes to size, a micro bully is the smallest, but due to its personality traits, it is the most favorite. It is never easy to compare micro bully vs standard bully because both dogs have gained a following, and it is up to the individual to choose one.

The micro bully and standard bully are American bully types, and they differ in certain aspects. In general, micro bullies are a lot smaller when compared to traditional ones. The standard bullies are prominent and have more weight. The main feature of both dogs is that they are able to make excellent family pets when you train and socialize them properly at an early age.

A photograph of a micro bully and a standard bully in separate frames, with text overlays indicating their breed names. The micro bully is in a playful pose, and the standard bully in a more poised stance, against a comparison chart with bullet points of their differences.

How Micro Bully and Standard Bully Differ from Each Other?

It can always be a challenge to choose the right bully breed among micro bully & standard bully. As both come with unique qualities, the choice completely depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and what you would like to see in your furry friend.

Temperament and Personality

Both the micro and the standard bully are known for their friendliness, affectionate nature and loyalty towards their owner. However, when we make a comparison between micro bully vs standard bully, the micro bully is more sociable because of its size. This makes it perfect for individuals or children who love to have an active social life.

Physical Characteristics and Size

When it comes to the size, micro bully is minor as compared to the standard bully. If you are wondering, ‘How big will my puppy get?’, its height can reach a maximum of 13 inches to the shoulder and comes with a compact build. A standard bully is more muscular and larger, and its height can reach up to 16 inches or even more.

Behavioral Traits

Normally, a micro bully exhibits higher energy levels but needs less exercise than the standard bully because of its diminutive nature. Your standard American bully needs more physical activity so that it can burn off excess energy because of the stronger muscles that it has.

Training and Socialization

You need to train and socialize your dog, whether it is a micro bully or the standard bully. The dog can benefit from early socialization so that it can become a well-rounded canine. However, micro bully is a lot easier to handle because of the eagerness to please the owner and the manageable size. Breeding a micro bully with standard bully can give you a new dog breed that will be loving and easy to train.

A photograph of grooming tools like brushes and nail clippers neatly arranged next to a micro bully and a standard bully, each sitting on a grooming table. The image showcases their shiny coats, with the micro bully's coat being shorter and the standard bully's slightly longer, highlighting their grooming needs.

Grooming and Maintenance of Micro Bully & Standard Bully

When you have to choose between micro bully vs standard bully, grooming and maintenance become essential. Both dog breeds come with separate requirements when it comes to grooming. The coat of micro bully is short; therefore, it is very easy to maintain. If you brush it on a regular basis, it will keep the skin healthy & clean. The standard bully can either have a shorter or a longer coat, but it depends on its parents. A shorter coat needs minimal grooming, while a longer one needs regular brushing.

Some people need clarification regarding whether can you breed a micro bully with a standard bully; the answer is simple: it depends on circumstances. Both dogs can benefit from nail trims to ensure that the dog can move comfortably. You also have to take both dogs for regular checkups to the vet for vaccinations and monitoring of overall health. Even the mix will be a unique dog, so you have to assess its needs.

A photograph capturing a breeder in contemplation, standing between a micro bully and a standard bully in an ethical breeding facility. The setting with visible health certificates symbolizes responsible breeding, highlighting the considerations involved in breeding decisions between the two breeds.

Can You Breed a Micro Bully with a Standard Bully?

Breeding a micro bully with standard bully is possible, but you have to keep in mind a few important things before you take a step. When you know what you are doing, you will be able to create a perfect companion with all the desired characteristics you want. The most important thing is a sound understanding of the dog’s heat cycle. This way, you will be able to determine the actual time when you can allow meeting and breed an American bully. Patience is key in this process, and you must keep monitoring your pup.

  • If you are thinking about can you breed a micro bully with a standard bully, you need to confirm that both the dog parents are genetically and physically healthy.


  • Another important thing to remember is that the micro and standard bully parents are completely protected from dangerous diseases.


  • You also have to confirm that the micro bully & standard bully parents are healthy behaviorally. Nobody wants to develop a monster. So, it would be a good idea to confirm the temperament and behavior of the dog.


  • When the female dog is not developed sexually, then you should avoid breeding. It would be better to wait for the pregnancy age and consult with the vet.


  • The last and most important point is to prepare yourself for any emergencies. As you are breeding a micro bully with a standard one, you have to make sure that you are prepared. Studying the warning indications that the dog requires a c-section would be better.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about the micro bully vs standard bully, both are unique dog breeds but have distinct characteristics. The decision between the two completely depends on what you would like to have in a dog. There are many for whom size matters, and they may prefer a compact pup that can easily fit their lifestyle, so micro bully is an ideal choice. On the other hand, for those who like to own a giant dog with the traditional features of a bulldog, nothing can beat the standard bully.