The World of Super Micro Bullies: Small but Mighty

Smiling Super Micro Bully happily playing with children in a sunny backyard, showcasing its affectionate nature.
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These days, everyone is convinced that the American bully is among the sweetest and friendliest dog breeds around, and no matter what type it is, you will find it to adore its loved ones. Whether it is the XL, the micro bully or the pocket bully, this dog breed comes with big muscles. It is gentle to children and is, therefore, a great addition to any family. As a dog parent, there are a few things you have to consider when adding any canine to your life.

Although micro bully is the most famous one, the super micro bully is something that everyone looks for, and the majority of people are willing to pay a good amount for it. Keep in mind that this particular American bully breed comes with the exaggerated features of a bulldog, and therefore, it looks like a compressed mixture of the American bully, the Pitbull and the bulldog.

Super Micro Bully and its owner engaged in synchronized training exercises in a park during the golden hour.

What is a Super Micro Bully?

The super micro bully is a compact version of the American bully breed, and even when it is adult, it doesn’t grow more than 13 inches. Keep in mind that its puppies are quite expensive because they carry unique physical properties and coat colors. You will find some to be as high as $8,000. There are various breeders in America and other parts of the world that come up with their own super micro bully versions, and therefore, they may come up with different names.

When you have a closer look at the super micro bully, it will look a little different from the American bully but will have a stocky and muscular build. It comes with a broad chest and a large head, and its height is always proportionate to the length. It is important to understand that this particular dog breed doesn’t have any traits that we would consider unwanted. It has genes of different bully breeds and comes with the desired traits and physical features.

Super Micro Bully and standard American Bully playing tug-of-war in a grassy setting.

Personality of Super Micro Bully

In general, the American bully is a gentle dog breed that loves to make its family happy. Despite being muscular, it is sweet, friendly and affectionate with children. As the majority of people not only look for a muscular build but also want a compact size, the super micro bully is an ideal choice for them. Not only is it great with the pets that it is raised with, but you have to properly train and socialize it in order to get along with unknown pets and other people.

Since the super micro bully is a very social and outgoing creature, it is loyal and loves to perform different activities with you. Other than that, it remains happiest when hanging out with the pack. So, if you keep it entertained and exercised, which means that it will not go towards any destructive behaviors even if it gets bored. Whether it is a small house or an apartment, your bully breed will live in it happily, but you have to make sure that you take it out for daily walks and several other activities.

What is the Ideal Human for a Super Micro Bully?

Super micro bully is known to be one of the best dog breeds for a reason, and therefore, it requires a devoted and confident human to be the ideal match. The owners have to understand that this is a dog breed that requires a person who can invest time in socialization and training, and this is the only way that will make it healthier and happier. Other than that, a person who is dedicated to exercising the super micro bully is considered to be the best dog parent.

You would never want your dog to be restless, bored or adopt destructive behavior, and for this, daily activity is a must. The ideal person for this particular breed of American bully is one who offers plenty of games and toys that can challenge the dog. The main reason behind this is the cleverness and brightness of this breed, which means that it loves to perform any activities that can stimulate its mind.

Side-by-side comparison of a Super Micro Bully and a standard American Bully, highlighting their size and build differences in a studio setting.

What Makes Super Micro Bully Different from Other Varieties of American Bully?

It is Smaller than Other American Bully Breeds

This particular dog breed is still developing, and its basic signifiers are its stature and size. Although its structure is smaller and broader, the exaggerated features make it different from the American bully breed. It is worth mentioning that some dogs may have cropped ears, and their weight doesn’t exceed 30 pounds.

It is Not Athletic but Very Energetic

Super micro bully is known to be a high-energy dog that requires exercise. This has to do a lot with managing its weight and stopping it from becoming destructive. One cannot leave it in the backyard for a few hours; in fact, it requires long walks and playtime. American bully can be a marathon dog that can run around for a long, while this dog breed can simply jog around the block.

It is Prone to Gaining Weight

Energetic dogs, like the super micro bullies, tend to eat a lot, and this is why they can quickly gain weight. As a dog parent, you have to keep a check on the diet of your dog and understand how much you need to feed it by weight. It is prone to gaining weight because of overheating, but regular exercise can keep its weight healthy.

Final Thoughts

If you love the American bully breed, then you must be craving for the super micro bully. It is a mixture of different dogs and has become a hit with dog enthusiasts in no time. The majority of breeders rebranded it and gave it a new name, and this has skyrocketed the price. The good news is that there are kennel clubs that have started identifying it as a separate dog breed from the American bully, but it is worth mentioning that there are always set breed standards for it.