Learn About Micro Bully Traits, Behavior and Appearance

Portrait of a Micro Bully dog looking directly at the camera, showcasing its unique facial features and muscular physique, symbolizing the primary focus of the article on its physical attributes and traits.
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Dogs make excellent pets, and it is evident from the fact that their owners are always happy. As there are several new dog breeds out there, many people look for the ones with jaw-dropping features, which include a variety of colors, trainability and a great temperament. Out of many dog breeds, when you see a micro bully, you will have a true experience because the micro bully traits can entice any individual to look for this particular dog breed.

It is never a bad idea to consider this loveable and gorgeous breed if you are planning to add a new family member. Before adopting one, you must understand the body anatomy of a micro bully. Their small size, thick chests and short legs make them appear bigger than they actually are. There is no doubt that you will find this breed of dog to be loyal and confident, and it will have a lasting bond with you.

Detailed digital artwork of a micro bully in side view, emphasizing its muscular definition, large head, thick chest, and compact legs against a simple backdrop.

What Does a Micro Bully Look Like?

Micro bully is basically a small American bully breed, and it comes with an impressive and strong presence, despite its small size. When we have a look at the body anatomy of a micro bully, it comes with well-defined muscles, a big head, and a thick chest but small legs. It is worth mentioning that the physique of a micro bully doesn’t limit its agility or mobility, and it can still move easily and confidently, despite its small legs.

One of the major micro bully traits is its muscles that provide it strength and power. As a dog owner, you need to keep in mind that these muscles shouldn’t be overdeveloped where they start causing a blocky stride. It is important to understand that the weight and size of any bully breed are important factors when you are planning to buy one. Normally, it stands between 8 to 14 inches in height & can reach a weight of anywhere between 10 to 25 pounds.

Collage of close-up shots capturing the micro bully's muscular and compact build, its wide and thick head with distinct facial features, the broad chest and rounded rump, and the short legs and tail.

Micro Bully Physical Attributes

A Muscular and a Compact Build

Wide and Thick Head

Broad Chest and Rounded Rump

Short Legs and Tail

When we look at the body anatomy of a micro bully, we can determine that this particular dog is well-defined and robust. As it is lean, muscular and athletic, and therefore, it has a low body fat percentage.

Micro bully is known among people for its big and broad head. Its face is round, slightly pushed and comes with well-defined cheeks. Because of the blocky head, it resembles a lot with the American Pit Bull Terrier, while its perky ears tend to flop forward. Other than that, it has a wide nose which is short, whereas the jaws are quite powerful.

One of the main reasons a micro-bully has a powerful and strong appearance is that it comes with a broad chest and shoulders, which are some of the most visible micro bully traits. One can expect the same from other bully breeds. When we have a look at the rump, it is large and rounded.

The legs of a micro bully are short and stocky, while the legs have a robust frame and well-defined muscles. The micro bully always has a short tail that is normally cut off. Keep in mind that the tail tends to grow that way.

A Micro Bully with a measuring tape showing its height and a scale indicating its weight. Beside it, a puppy version can be showcased for comparison.

What is the Size of a Micro Bully?

A micro bully can reach a height of around 10 to 14 inches and normally weighs around 19-21 pounds. When first born, it is around 3 to 4 inches in length and normally has a weight of around 4 to 10 ounces. If you are planning to adopt one, you need to have a good idea of the body anatomy of a micro bully. Keep in mind that the weight and size of a micro bully can change because of the genes, overall health, exercise and diet, among several other things.

There are numerous stages of growth of a micro bully, and its puppies are able to reach full height quite earlier than the other breeds of a bully. This small dog has a lot of weight on its joints, so make sure that it gets food for all its nutritional requirements, but it should never be obese. If you own a micro bully or are thinking of getting one, it will be better for you to talk to a vet to ensure that it is completely healthy and gets the love and care it deserves.

Digital artwork of a micro bully emphasizing its distinct body type, showcasing its broad head, muscular physique, big chest, and highlighting its glossy and sleek coat.

What are the Typical Micro Bully Traits?

Loyalty and trainability are the two major micro bully traits, and these make it an excellent guard and companion dog. Other than that, it is clever, pleasant and always wants to please the family members.

  • Type of Body

    The body anatomy of a micro bully is important to understand. Its head is normally very broad and heavy compared to the body’s size. Its physique is broad with a big chest, and this makes it look quite strong. You will also notice robust and distinct jaws while it has a muscular body.
  • Coat

    The coat of a micro bully is glossy, shorter and sleek, and therefore, it requires minimal care. Washing and routine brushing with a soft brush are enough. Keep in mind that your micro bully is a moderate shredder because of the deep chest and robust physique. It comes in quite a wide color range and combinations.


There are a number of people who are quite eager to get information about the body anatomy of a micro bully. It comes with a big head, broad skull, high set of years, pronounced cheek muscles, and well-defined jaws. Micro bully comes with an impressive and athletic build, which is defined and muscular, and therefore, it is capable of displaying agility and strength. The micro bully traits consist of the stability of the American Pit Bull Terrier and offer loyalty to its parents. Other than that, it is amiable, sociable and has an outgoing temperament.