What is a Micro Pit Bully?

A digital painting of a robust and alert micro pit bully standing proudly in a family backyard. The dog's muscular build and unique grey and tan coat colors are prominent, with its attentive eyes conveying intelligence and loyalty.
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When dog enthusiasts look for modern dog breeds that are active and low-maintenance pups, the American bully fits the picture as it has all the desired features to be a family dog, with jaw-dropping looks and great nature. As people keep experimenting with this breed, a new breed has emerged that is becoming people’s favorite and is named the micro pit bully.

This designer dog is basically a cross between the micro bully and the American Pitbull Terrier. The dog is famous for its intimidating and fierce personality and is suitable for a committed dog parent. When you offer it consistent training and early socialization, you will find it to be a friendly and affectionate pet to have. A micro pit for sale may cost you between $1,000 and $2,000 when you get it from a reputable breeder.

A photograph of a micro pit bully in a training session, displaying its protective and cheerful personality. The dog is actively engaged in an agility exercise, showcasing its intelligence and dominant nature under a trainer's guidance.

Character Traits of the Micro Bully Pit

The majority of traits in the micro bully pits are from the micro bully, and this makes them protective dogs with cheerful personalities. When you have to deal with this dog breed, it is always advised that you have some experience, because if you are a first-time owner, then the dog will immediately notice it. This dog has a dominant nature; therefore, you need to be committed and firm when you have to handle it.

Training your micro pit puppy may start when it is only eight weeks of age. By doing this, you will be able to develop good behavior in your beloved puppy. For this dog breed, positive reinforcement is vital. Other than that, you will find your mixed dog breed to be very intelligent, as it will become wary of strangers and other pets. It may have a little aggressive personality due to the history of its parents, but like any other watchdog, you will find it to be fit for the job.

A photograph of a micro pit bully posing side-on, highlighting its broad head, flat face, and muscular yet lean build. The dog's sleek, short coat shines in the sunlight, displaying potential red or blue colors.

How Does this Mix Breed Look Like?


The micro bully pits are classified as small-to-medium dogs. The size of these canines depends on the size of the American bully breed. As micro bully is a miniature breed, this dog breed is also small in size. The build of this dog is inherited from the micro bully, whereas it has the leaner body of the Pitbull. Besides this, the micro bully has a broad head and a flat face, and it can reach a maximum height of 16 inches.


The coat of this mix breed is slick and short and is not hypoallergenic. Keep in mind that you can find this dog in any color, and it is one of the main reasons why it is in demand. When you look for a micro pit for sale, you can find it in grey, green, red, black, tan, white and cream color. Whether the parent Pitbull is red-nosed or blue-nosed will have an effect on the color and the look of the pup.

An infographic-style image depicting a healthy micro pit bully alongside icons representing common health issues such as hip dysplasia and heart disease. The image combines visuals of the dog with symbolic health icons, set against a clean, informative background.

Is Micro Bully Pit a Healthy Dog?

When we have a look at the micro bully pit, which is the result of the cross between the micro bully and the Pitbull, it can normally live up to around ten years. As it is a hybrid dog breed, this kind of breed can inherit health problems from its parents, who are purebred. Micro bully is known for having numerous illnesses, which include hip dysplasia, and it is quite common in short-legged dogs.

As a dog parent, you have to focus on maintaining a proper exercise routine and offer it a supplemented diet so that it can be free of any health issues. Your dog may also have respiratory complications because of the short nose. Although you can have a high micro bully pit price because of its beautiful and short coat with different colors, this one-layered coat can be susceptible to various allergies. There are several other ailments that can affect this mixed breed, which include eye problems, heart disease, and reverse sneezing.

A photo composite illustrating the stark contrast between a professional breeder's facility and a less reputable backyard setting for micro pit bullies. The professional facility is depicted as clean, well-organized, and nurturing, with happy, healthy dogs, while the backyard setting visibly lacks these qualities.

Where to Find the Micro Bully Pits for Sale?

With the advent of the Internet, it has become easy to find a micro bully pit for sale when you search for it online. Normally, you can expect to pay anything between $250 to $2,000. It is worth mentioning that the price of a mixed dog breed depends on several factors. These include the kennel’s popularity, the breeder’s location, the dog’s bloodline and the availability of the dog’s puppies.

You also have the option to pay a low micro bully pit price if the breeder is non-reputable. Although its price would be a lot less than a reputable one, as this breeder is a non-professional, he may not follow the national standards and strict guidelines. An unprofessional breeder will ignore taking your mixed dog breed to a vet and may only take it when there is a severe illness. As the breeding process is done in a backyard, it never produces a purebred puppy.

Another important thing to understand is that when you buy micro pits for sale, it is not only about paying a good sum, but you also have to keep in mind the annual expenses of owning this dog. The most important are the medical bills because the medical costs can reach up to $600. There are other expenses like grooming, taking the dog to the vet, buying branded food and bringing toys so that the dog can play with them.

Final Thoughts

Many people don’t consider the micro pit bully to be an ideal pet for everybody, but this dog breed is very loyal to the ones who are its favorites. You will find this designer dog to be strong and protective with an energetic nature, and therefore, it is ideal for a dog owner who is experienced and active. So, when you bring a micro pit puppy, the main step for you is to socialize and train it while offering it proper exercise so that it doesn’t get obese and you have a healthy pup.