How the Micro Pitbull Mix Looks Like

A photograph of a muscular and athletic micro bully x Pitbull mix dog in a sunny park. The dog displays a broad chest, robust build, compact size, and stubby legs. Its glossy brown and black coat is highlighted, along with a focus on its powerful head and jaws, showcasing strength.
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Many of us sketch the image of an ideal dog in our minds. There was a time when medium or large-sized dogs were the priority of many people, but now, it is all about the miniature dogs, which is becoming extremely popular. If you own one of these dogs, it is okay to have all the information regarding what makes it a special breed, but it would always be a good idea to know more about your beloved dog.

The micro bully x Pitbull originated a few years back, and the purpose of breeding this dog was to have something that is known for affection, loyalty and protective nature than the original Pitbull. Because of its size, it comes in the category of a miniature dog. Whether it is the outstanding features, the temperament and behavior it shows, and the health problems associated with this dog, there are many aspects that you should understand in detail.

A heartwarming photograph of a micro bully x Pitbull mix dog playing in a sunny backyard, full of energy and joy. The dog is seen interacting with various toys, highlighting its need for socialization and exercise.

How Does the Mix Breed Between Micro Bully and Pitbull Appear?

The micro bully Pitbull mix is a small to medium-sized pup that happens to exhibit an athletic and muscular physique. Its strength is showcased through the powerful and broad chest, whereas its build is quite robust.


When it comes to its looks, this mixed breed comes with most of the features of the American Pitbull Terrier, and therefore, many people ask, ‘Is a micro bully a Pitbull?’ Although it is a crossbreed, it takes its physical features from the parents. Its size may be small, but its stubby characteristics and sturdy build make it very strong and muscular. The length of this dog is slightly more than its height, while just like its parents, it has a powerful head and jaws.


As the micro bully Pit Bull is a small to medium-sized canine, its height may vary between 43 to 51 cm. Its female version is much shorter in height when compared to the male. When it is about the weight, it can range between 5 to 10 kgs. That is why you will find it to be a smaller dog as compared to many other breeds.


The skull of the micro bully mixed with the Pitbull can be a little more wedge-shaped, whereas the muzzle can be narrower. The years of this designer breed sit up high, and their length can either be short or medium. If the ears are uncropped, then they either fold them to the sides or forwards. The eyes of this dog can be amber or brown in color, and there is a wide range of nose colors that you can find in this dog, which include black, blue or brown.


Different coat colors and patterns are among one of the most powerful physical qualities that can be found in this dog. There is a huge range of coat colors like brown, black, brindle, grey, tan and green that we can find, and that is why the micro Pitbull price is on the higher side. The coat is thick, shiny and smooth and doesn’t require too much grooming. So, even if you take your dog for maintenance a few times a year, that would be enough for it.

high-resolution image of a micro bully x Pitbull mix dog showing a moment of affection with a human hand. The dog's friendly eyes and relaxed posture convey its well-tempered nature. Set in an indoor space with soft lighting, the image reflects warmth and safety, emphasizing the dog's loyalty and gentle demeanor.

Temperament and Personality of Pitbull Micro Bully Mix

The Pitbull American bully micro is a hybrid breed resulting from combining the micro bully and the Pitbull. This dog is known among enthusiasts for its deep affection and loyalty towards its owner and the family. You will notice that this dog has exceptional instincts for protection and is, therefore, known as a watchdog. The best thing about this canine is that it has a friendly nature towards other human beings and pets.

As intelligence is a trait that you will find quite prominent in this breed, it is easy to train this hybrid dog. If you are a responsible owner, then you have to understand the significance of providing proper training and mental stimulation so that the micro American Pitbull can be engaged actively. Another good thing is that these hybrids are fine with a new owner, but proper guidance may be required. So, researching thoroughly and understanding the characteristics of this dog are necessary.

Training and Exercise Required by Micro Pitbull

When you are able to provide positive reinforcement training to your Pitbull mix with micro bully on a consistent basis, you will be able to realize its effectiveness. This dog is very intelligent, so it will respond well to the training methods that are reward-based. In addition, mental stimulation is also crucial for your pup’s development, so engaging it with puzzles and interactive toys can be ideal to keep its mind active.

In order to make sure that your micro bully mix with Pitbull remains physically and mentally fit, you also have to incorporate physical exercise on a daily basis. Your dog can remain healthy through different activities like jogging, regular walks and getting engaged in regular games. Experts suggest that agility training is a beneficial activity for this energic canine, allowing it to channel its exuberance constructively.

A dynamic photograph of a micro bully x Pitbull mix dog actively engaged in agility training, running through an obstacle course in a grassy outdoor field. The dog's intelligence and responsiveness to training are evident, showcasing its concentration and energy. The clear sky and outdoor setting highlight the dog’s need for regular exercise.

Health Problems Related to the Micro Bully Pitbull Mix

In general, the micro bully and Pitbull mix come with good overall health, but it is a mix or a hybrid dog breed, so it can be susceptible to different health problems. As a dog parent, it is essential to schedule regular vet checkups so that you are able to identify and resolve the potential health problem that your pup faces at an early age.

A common condition that we can find in miniature dogs like the American Pitbull micro is hip and elbow dysplasia. Keep in mind that it is a genetic condition that tends to affect the joints. Such a health condition can lead to lameness, pain and problems with mobility in your dog. Other than that, your furry friend can also have different types of allergies, and the only solution to such a problem is to offer preventive care so that you can manage them well.

An image of a veterinarian thoughtfully examining a micro bully x Pitbull mix dog, focusing on joint areas, in a modern veterinary clinic. The setting includes visible medical equipment, depicting a professional and caring interaction. The image highlights the importance of regular health check-ups for the breed, particularly for hip and elbow dysplasia.

How Much Does the Bully Pitbull Micro Cost?

The Pitbull micro bully price varies between $800 and $1,500. If there is a puppy with the desirable traits and show quality, then it may be available at a high price because of its potential success in different breeding programs and competitions. A higher price tag can also be the result of the unique coat pattern or color. If the breeder is reputable and offers healthy pups, he may charge a premium.

If you are wondering how much does a bully Pitbull micro cost, you may have to pay around $1,000, but there are long-term expenses that you have to keep in mind when owning such type of dog. These include food, vet care and grooming. There could be additional costs that you could take into account, like microchipping, vaccinations and neutering.

You also have to consider various other things like supplies, training fees, toys and emergency vet bills. It is up to you to determine whether it is possible for you to afford this mixed breed or not. As you may have to pay a high micro bully Pitbull price, it is better to conduct thorough research on breeders to make sure that they have adopted responsible practices for the overall health of your new puppies.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to make a Pitbull micro bully mix as your companion, then you should prepare yourself for unwavering loyalty and high energy levels. There is no doubt that you would love to have this dog around you, but in order to make sure that it remains a well-behaved hybrid dog, you have to offer it socialization and proper training. Other than that, you have to understand the exercise needs of your micro Pitbull dog and assess whether you can give the resources and time that your dog expects from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a micro bully a purebred dog?

There are a number of canine registries and kennel clubs in different parts of the world that recognize micro bully as a dog breed. When it is about the American kennel club, it doesn’t recognize micro bully. In general, it is not a pure dog breed, but a few people may still argue in its favor.

Which two dog breeds can make a micro Pitbull?

There is no doubt that the mix of micro bully and the Pitbull is a designer dog breed. It is created deliberately from the Patterdale Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier. Remember that the United Kennel Club in England recognizes these breeds, but not the American Kennel Club.

How big can a bully Pitbull micro grow?

This kind of dog breed is normally known as a miniature Pitbull. Some people believe that these dogs are so small that it is easy to carry them on a palm, but in reality, their height is between 12 to 16 inches. The inheritance of smaller size and frame in this dog comes from its Patterdale ancestor.