Brown Bully Perfect Addition to Your Family

A brown Micro Bully dog resembling a teddy bear sits contentedly on a rug in a family home environment, illuminated by soft ambient lighting that creates a welcoming atmosphere.
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It doesn’t matter what the size, age, and color of a dog is; it can be a great pet to have, but it is quite a possibility that an individual has his heart set on a brown dog as a family member. Although many dogs have a brown color in their coat in some form or shape, a micro bully is a type of American bully that can be found in brown color all over. You will find the brown micro bully to be undeniably cute; therefore, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep the coat clean.

Another bonus of having a micro bully in brown color is that it resembles a lot with a Teddy bear. Because of this, it has become a popular choice for dog lovers, as it has a unique coloring and striking appearance. Another important thing to note is that you can find a brown micro bully with other color combinations, and every combination will have its own distinct characteristics that you will find amazing.

a brown Micro Bully dog, looking teddy bear-like with its soft, chocolate-colored fur, sitting in a warm, family home environment.

The Melanin Magic in a Brown Micro Bully

When you look at your brown micro bully, you must be wondering how it got the brown coat. Basically, the black and brown coat colors are produced by Eumelanin, while pheomelanin offers a number of shades to these colors. It is worth mentioning that the gene for the black coat masks the brown one. So, this gene performs the function of a switch that can turn off the brown color, which means that only a single black gene does the job.

All the brown micro bullies carry two genes for their brown color, but they can’t pass the black gene to the offspring. On the other hand, a black micro bully can carry a brown gene. So, if there are two black-colored micro bullies having puppies together, then each one of their puppies will have a brown gene. Another surprising factor is that you may also find some of its puppies to be of the chocolate color.

A close-up photograph showcasing the intricate details of a Micro Bully's brown and tan coat, with a soft, blurred neutral background emphasizing the fur's rich texture.

Difference Between the Brown and Chocolate Micro Bully

Micro bully is a diverse dog breed, and when we have a close look at it, its deep, rich brown color may actually be chocolate color. It is worth mentioning that the usage of the word ‘Chocolate’ is quite a recent development. There was a time when the chocolate color was referred to as the liver color by everyone.

If a brown micro bully has a slightly different brown shade, then the color is often known to be tan. It would be best to remember that this particular color can be found in patches on a dog. Mainly, it can be found as a solid color in the majority of dog breeds, and these include micro bully.

A side profile of a brown Micro Bully dog captured in mid-stride in a park, with the setting sun providing a warm backlight that highlights its sturdy physique and muscular build.

Things to Keep in Mind When Raising a Brown Micro Bully

Just like any other breed of dog, there are a few things that must be noted before you acquire a brown micro bully puppy. Although it is an even-tampered and loveable dog breed, a few factors always go hand in hand when you own one.

It Can Suffer from Joint Problems

Whether it is a brown micro bully or any other color, it has a muscular and compact body, and because of its small size and legs, it can be quite vulnerable to developing different health problems with age. Micro Bully hip dysplasia is one of the major joint issues where the socket and ball of the hip joint of the dog are not able to fit together in a proper way. Other than that, it can also have elbow dysplasia, which is a congenital abnormality that can also be found in the pocket American bully dog.

It is Prone to Obesity

When we have a look at the lineage and the genetics of the micro bully, we are able to understand that the American bulldog and the Old English bulldog are their ancestors, and because of this, they can become obese. This dog is already short in frame and stocky, and that is why it can become hard for a dog owner to properly identify whether their furry friend is verging towards obesity or not. It is important to understand that the weight of the micro bully must be in proportion to the frame.

It Requires a Lot of Socialization

Every American bully breed is naturally social and loves to be around its owner and family members. Yet it is important that you make your brown micro bully learn to socialize with people, other dogs, and pets. If not socialized in a proper manner at a young age, you have to understand that there are chances that your pup may start to develop undesirable behaviors towards other people and animals, and aggression is one of them.

Skin Allergies are Common in Micro Bullies

It doesn’t matter how reputable the breeder is; your micro bully can develop certain health problems over time, and it is likely to suffer from skin allergies even at a young age. The common allergies that your dog may suffer from include medications, food, and certain environmental factors like mold, pollen, and fleas. So, as a dog parent, you must ensure that you provide it with a proper environment to live a healthy life.

Final Thoughts

In General, a brown micro bully is kind, beautiful, and a great dog that belongs to a loving dog breed and can get along well with small children. It has all the best qualities that one looks for in a dog. As a dog parent, you have to give it proper time, care, and commitment. In the end, if you are looking for a reliable dog or a playful companion, the micro bully in brown color is the one that will fit the bill. So, when you consider adding a furry friend as your family member, make sure that you take a second look at this amazing dog.