Cropped and Uncropped: The Two Main Ear Types of Micro-Bullies

A photograph of a micro bully with cropped ears, sitting in a professional studio setting. The cropped ears lend the dog a sharp, attentive appearance, further enhanced by the studio's sophisticated lighting.
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When we have a close look at the American bully, we may notice that some of its types come with floppy ears, whereas others have erect ears. So, by looking at the ears of the American bullies, one can imagine what the ears of the puppy would look like. A micro bully is one of the most popular American bully breeds, and some people wonder about the natural stand-up or the floppiness in the micro bully with ears.

Micro bully is generally a Pitbull breed; therefore, it comes with a muscular and broad physique, which makes it look quite intimidating. The micro bully ears can have floppiness, or they can stand up naturally, but it all depends on the structure of the ears. Keep in mind that some people prefer cropped ears, while others keep them uncropped. For some, it is done for cosmetic reasons, but many find it unethical.

A photograph of a micro bully puppy with rosebud ears, its playful eyes peeking out from soft fur, set against a gentle, blurred garden backdrop.

Variations of Micro Bully Ears Shapes

It is a fact that the American bully has been bred and changed for many years, and that is why we are able to see a variation in their appearance. When we talk about the micro bully with ears, there is no such standard, but it surely comes with different ear shapes.

Rosebud Ears

The ears of the micro bully appear like a perfect rose when it is a pup. These ears appear this way when they flap over the top but towards the back. This exposes the inner flashy part of the micro bully long ears, thus giving a rose shape to them. Many people like to keep it this way and don’t go for cropping.

Half-Prick Ears

These are also known as the semi-prick ears and can be upright, but their tips tend to fold over. There are a number of people who believe that dogs with upright and big ears can have better hearing as compared to the ones with small ears.

Full-Prick Ears

The full-prick ears are also called erect ears, and they tend to stand completely upright. These micro bully ears appear a bit pointed, thus giving an alert appearance to the dogs. It is worth mentioning that these ears can be found in cold-weather dog breeds, but the American bullies also have such ears.

Cropped Ears

When we talk about the micro bully cropped ears, they give the look of full-prick ears, but a part of their ears is removed. Normally, the ears are cropped for aesthetics and not practical purposes, but in awkward situations, the micro bullies may not be able to get caught.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cropping the Ears

There was a time when American bullies were bred as fighting canines, so their ears were cropped so that they didn’t get bitten or infected when fighting. These days, many people go for the micro-American bully pups ear crops, but the reasons are cosmetic. People would like to see their pups look intimidating and quite alert, but for many people, it is a controversial topic, as they deem ear cropping to be inhumane. So, now, there is a strong belief that one should not go for this practice any longer.

Many experts believe that there could be irreversible damage of a micro bully with cropped ears. Although one cannot have concrete evidence to solidify any claim, many believe that cropping ears offer different health benefits, including fewer ear infections and improved hearing. Keep in mind that there are countries where this procedure is allowed, and it is the right of the pet owner to make a decision.

photograph of a confident micro bully with half-prick ears, standing alert in an urban park. The dog's semi-erect ears and tips folding over are set against a cityscape at sunset, accentuating its attentive posture.

Why are People Against Cropping the Ears of the Micro Bully?

It is basically an augmentation that can affect your micro bully for all its life. One needs to understand how cutting the micro bully ears can affect its communication ability. Signals of the ears and tail are quite common among dogs with communication problems. There are different states in America that have few regulations, and breeders crop their puppies in these states.

There are different micro American bully ear cropping styles. The best time to crop the ears of your micro bully puppy is when it is between six and twelve weeks old, and this is the age when it is not fully alert. This way, you can be sure that ear cropping doesn’t affect your micro bully. Other than that, a young dog is easy to control, and the follow-through will be uncomplicated with proper care. The following are the cropping styles of the micro bullies.

  • Show Crop
  • Battle Crop
  • Short Crop
  • Long Crop

All of these cropping styles are famous, and some of these are recommended by the experts. If cropping is not done correctly, then there are chances that the risk of infection might increase, and your dog may need more surgery. In such a condition, no antibiotics or medications can be helpful.

Several dog enthusiasts prefer to have a micro bully with uncropped ears because they believe that modified dogs can be dominant, aggressive, less attractive and less playful. So, if you plan to own or sell a micro bully, you must have all the knowledge before making any alterations like ear cropping. The best idea is to speak to your vet and understand the consequences of this type of surgery. This way, you will be able to save your dog from significant impacts and let the dog live a healthy and full life.

Final Thoughts

A micro bully with ears can either be perky or naturally floppy, but it all depends on whether you are going for a pure breed or a designer dog breed. Normally, the ears of the micro bully stand up between the age of four and six weeks, but it can take around six months for the dog to have control over the ears. Some people prefer a micro bully ear crop to give an intimidating and cute look to the dog without mutilating any parts, but as it is not natural, it can affect it throughout its life.