Micro Bully Pregnancy Length, Stages, Signs & Care Tips

An illustration showcasing a resting micro bully with a transparent overlay of tiny puppy silhouettes in her belly, signifying her pregnancy state.
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Over the past few years, we have seen that people prefer small-breed companions when it comes to dogs. Nothing can be better than having fearsome looks in a small dog breed that comes with a muscular and very compact build. When we look at all these features, the first thing that comes to mind is a micro bully, the exotic bully breed’s miniature version. This dog has a powerful body but is very delicate and surprisingly gentle. As a dog parent, nothing can be more exciting than the micro bully pregnancy.

When we compare the pregnancy of a micro bully with other dog breeds, we find out that it is relatively uncomplicated, but it still needs careful monitoring and extra care from your side. Due to your dog’s muscular structure and size, you have to be aware of the signs when you find out the micro bully is pregnant. Besides this, knowing the stages of pregnancy and giving it proper attention is your responsibility.

Length of the Micro Bully Pregnancy?

Right from the time of conception, the micro bully stays pregnant for a maximum of about 63 days. However, one should keep in mind that there could be a number of complications, and you may not always have the micro bully natural birth. Therefore, things can always be more challenging than they look. The approach of the majority of dog breeders is scientific, so with blood tests and vaginal smears, they measure the hormone levels to determine the ideal breeding time.

Certified dog breeders can also help you with giving information about the micro bully newborn and when you can expect it. Yet, you may have differing answers with this particular approach, as you can only get a good estimate and not too much information. Keep in mind that nature has its own course, but it is possible to estimate the micro bully puppy’s arrival time within four days, especially when you take services from the vet.

A photograph showcasing four micro bully dogs, each in a unique phase of pregnancy.

What are the Pregnancy Stages of a Micro Bully?

There are different types of dog parents, and those who are responsible completely understand the female micro bully heat cycle. They also have knowledge of the development stages of the puppy inside the micro bully, as it helps them to determine what kind of support is required by the mother throughout the process of gestation. The following are the pregnancy states that one needs to be familiar of:

Early Pregnancy Stage

Middle Pregnancy Stage

Later Pregnancy Stage

This is the most delicate stage of pregnancy and can be quite a critical time for the development of the puppies. Before it, you can detect the micro bully in heat and take it to the breeder for mating. Remember that this is when puppies start growing, and their development starts in the womb.

During this stage, the growth of the puppies continues, while the mother's body also starts to show some changes, as its weight gains and the nipples become enlarged. This is when you have to ensure that you provide proper nutrition and exercise so that you can have no issues with the micro bully giving birth, while it is also essential for the puppies' health.

When the puppies are completely developed, and the micro bully dog is ready to give birth, it means that the final pregnancy stage has arrived. During this period, there is a continuous change in the mother's body, where her weight keeps increasing. Make sure it has a proper diet because if there is a mishap at this particular time, you may have to use the micro bully c section option.

Collage depicting a micro bully experiencing different symptoms: a change in appetite represented by a hesitation near a food bowl, increased affection shown by clinging to a human leg, and visible weight gain in a side view.

Which Signs Indicate that Your Micro Bully is Pregnant?

When you have a micro bully pregnant, it is crucial that you have information about it because this way, you will be able to offer the best possible care for the momma bully and the upcoming puppies. If you can detect pregnancy earlier, you will be mentally prepared for all circumstances. The following are some of the major pregnancy signs that you need to look for:
  • Appetite Changes

    There are chances that your bully can have morning sickness during the early pregnancy stages. There is a variation in the length of the heat cycle of every micro bully, and this is the right mating time. After it gets pregnant, its appetite will be reduced, and if the condition persists, it is better to consult the vet. The dog will require more food as the pregnancy settles, which means that you have to offer frequent meals.

  • Changes in Behavior

    Affection and being more clingy than usual are among the major changes that will indicate that your micro bully is pregnant. As there is progress in pregnancy, it will be more lethargic and will also get grumpy. Before she gives birth to the micro bully newborn, she will start searching for a nest to give birth. Make things as comfortable as possible for your beloved canine, but keep in mind that it will be her choice.
  • Weight Gain and Enlarged Nipples

    As the puppies will develop inside your micro bully, it will not be a surprise that it gains weight. During the first pregnancy month, nipple enlargement is also quite common, and over time, breast swelling becomes pronounced. If your micro bully asks for food, you have to let her eat as much as she likes. Normally, weight gain is among the normal pregnancy signs, and as the puppies develop, it will keep snowballing.

How to Confirm the Pregnancy of a Micro Bully?

The micro bully pregnancy stages can be long; therefore, it can never be easy to ensure your dog is pregnant. Keep in mind that only looking for the signs of pregnancy may not be enough because they are not always completely right. In order to confirm the momma dog’s pregnancy, you can use a number of ways.

  • Blood Test

    All bully breeds can be prone to false pregnancy, so it is better to involve your vet right from the beginning in order to get official confirmation. A blood test can be a good way to confirm it after 22 conception days. As it can be difficult to know the exact day of conception, the test has to be repeated after every week so that you can be sure of the results. Later on, you can ask the question can a micro bully give birth naturally, or do you have to go for the c-section?
  • Ultrasound

    Another successful way to get early pregnancy detection in a micro bully is ultrasound. After 20 days of conception, an ultrasound can give you a good chance to determine whether your beloved canine is pregnant or not. You cannot expect an accurate puppy count right from the start, but you will get an idea of whether it is pregnant or not. In the coming stages, you will have to worry about your micro-bully giving birth.
  • Palpitation

    In order to know whether the developing puppies are present in the mommy’s womb, you can use palpitation, which is a sense of touch. Keep in mind that this particular method can be effective after 28 days, and a qualified vet will be able to help you with that. You will know the exact number of pups and prepare yourself for the incoming processes. This way, you will understand whether the micro bully newborn will be normal or have any complications.

What Should You Do to Take Care of a Micro Bully When it is Pregnant?

During the micro bully pregnancy, it will depend a lot on you as a dog parent because it will require patience and extra care from your side. You will be able to notice a few changes that will be little in favour of strenuous exercise but will ask for extra food. Here, you need to monitor it for any signs of danger carefully. Initially, your micro bully will require more food and will gain some weight, but later on, it will only be eating a little at the birth of the puppies.

There may also be a change in your dog’s temperament during pregnancy, as it will be a little moody. Although its personality will be positive, it will require extra attention from your side. You also have to give it some space from time to time, and you will be able to determine it by observing her behavior. Other than that, it will pee on a frequent basis, so you have to excuse it in case of any occasional accident. Every dog parent prefers to go for micro bully natural birth, and proper care can be one of the ways to do it.

Illustration of a caring African-American woman attending to her pregnant micro bully in a cozy indoor setting. She provides nutritious food and arranges a soft bedding area for the dog, emphasizing comfort and anticipation for the upcoming birth.

How do Micro Bullies Give Birth?

It can be quite an exciting time for you to see your micro bully giving birth, but keep in mind that it is a lot of work. Normally, the delivery process can take around two to four hours, but at times, it can be longer. So, you have to make sure that your micro bully is comfortable and clean for delivering the puppies.

  • Giving Birth Naturally

    If you wonder, can a micro bully give birth naturally? Normally, it is fully capable of giving natural birth, but if things get wrong, you have to intervene. As a dog parent, you must expect anything, including one or two stillborn puppies. It is natural, and nothing can prevent it. If your canine is in labor for a little longer, then it is time for you to seek some assistance.
  • C Section

    Micro bully c section isn’t required under normal circumstances, but during the final pregnancy stages, it is better that you take your dog to the vet. This way, the vet will be able to determine whether the process will be normal or complicated and c section is required. You don’t have to worry about c-section because they will save your dog from suffering and avoid any complicated risks.


Micro bully is comparatively a new dog breed, so it doesn’t have numerous genetic weaknesses. Unlike many other cultivated breeds of dogs, you are likely to see the micro bully natural birth. If you are a good dog parent, then you must visit the vet on a regular basis during the micro bully pregnancy. You also have to provide it extra care and be alert. When you are able to do everything the right way, there are chances that everything will be smooth, and you will be happy with the arrival of the beautiful puppies.

Frequntely Asked Question

How to know if the micro bully is pregnant?
When your micro bully has a swollen abdomen, there could be a number of reasons for it, but if it is a female, then there are chances of micro bully pregnancy. In this case, if you touch the area around her stomach, it will be firm, and puppy movement will be felt after Day 50. So, it will confirm that your micro bully is pregnant.
How long does a micro bully stay pregnant?
Just like the other bully breeds, the pregnancy of your micro bully can take about 63 days at most. Keep in mind that it starts from the time of conception. If you have a micro bully pregnant, then you have to give it proper care as a dog parent before you watch her give birth and raise the pups.
Is it possible for a micro bully to have puppies naturally?
There are a number of people who ask the question, can a micro bully give birth naturally? The answer is that, as they can mate naturally, they can also give natural birth. You should understand the signs of labor, as it can have birth complications due to large puppy heads, thus requiring a cesarean section.
At what age does a micro bully get pregnant?
Experts always recommend that you don’t breed your micro bully before the age of 18 months. Other than that, you have to recognize the micro bully in heat, and it must have sufficient physical and mental maturity to proceed with litter.