Discover the Differences: Male Micro Bully vs. Female Micro Bully

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There are a few things for you to consider when it is about choosing a dog. One of the most important decisions for you to make is whether you should go for a male micro bully or female micro bully. Keep in mind that the micro bully female and male, both genders come with specific characteristics that make them the right choice for your family. Whether male or female, micro bullies are basically short, but their bodies are muscular.

Increasing your micro bully muscle with a nutritious diet and regular exercise is possible. Other than that, your dog’s genetics also play a big role in how muscular it can become. It will be better to work with your pet appropriately and consult a professional about getting advice on workouts and how to put it on a nutritious diet. This way, you can make your canine feel much better and live longer.

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How to Decide on the Micro Bully Gender?

When you visit the dog breeder, it is better to ask different questions regarding the puppies and the dogs that they are selling. A good dog breeder would love to get information about your lifestyle and home so that the right puppy can be matched with it. Deciding on whether you should go for the male micro bully or the female version is always challenging. Males are protective of home and family and are considered to be gentler. On the other hand, a micro female bully can be trained easily, and it gets attached to you more.

When we talk about size, a muscular micro bully is a male, while it is more dominant and aggressive than a female. If you are one who would like to have a docile and calm pet, then it may not be the best choice for you. Although the female is smaller, if you live in an apartment, it can better suit you. Keep in mind that when it is about defending family or territory, females can be more aggressive.

As a dog parent, it is up to you to decide what is the right option for you because it always comes down to your personal preferences. If you are looking for a laid-back pet that is calm and good with your kids, then you can go for the male. In comparison, if you want a protective and loyal dog that is capable of showering affection, then the female micro bully may be right for you.

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Male Micro Bully Temperament

When we talk about the micro bully male, he is always outgoing and confident. You will find it has a lot of energy and is up for a good time. The male version of micro bully is always active and loves to play with you. It does have a temperament and is never shy from people or other animals. Although it may seem ferocious, this micro bully gender is very friendly and loves to be around its friends and family members.

It is quite common for a male micro bully to be protective of you; therefore, it can become aggressive when it feels that somebody is threatening you. So, if you are looking for an energetic and friendly dog, you will notice that the male micro bully can be the best pet to have. However, you need to supervise it when there are interactions between your micro bully and other dogs to keep everybody safe.

Digital painting of a female micro bully in a cozy home with soft furnishings. She's alert yet gentle, interacting protectively with nearby children. Icons like peace signs and shields surround her, hinting at her calm and protective temperament

Female Micro Bully Temperament

Normally a micro female bully is loving and docile. It can make great companions and is loyal to its family members. Usually, you will not find it aggressive, but when provoked, it can become one, making it a good watchdog. You will find your female micro bully more independent than a male bully. Overall, it is quite an intelligent dog with a great temperament, making it a great addition to your house.

One of the main advantages of having a female micro bully is that it is quite gentle with kids. A major difference in the female version is that it might be territorial and more aggressive. If you want to have a female micro bully, you better have more information about the micro bully female for sale, and spending some time to know her personality can be a plus. This way, you will know whether it can get along with your family and other pets or not.

When Do Micro Bullies Start Showing Muscles?

If you are a micro bully parent, you will see the micro bully muscle from the age of 12 months. Although its bones and size generally will continue to grow till two years of age, you can have an idea of its build when it is a year old. As micro bully is a smaller breed, it can take less time to show its muscle and mass than the bigger bully dogs.

Your micro bully puppy requires time to grow strong and healthy like other dogs. When it is in a puppy state, you cannot see visible muscles. So, if you want to see a muscular micro bully, then it is best to wait until your pet shows muscle development signs. Although you can make your micro bully stronger by helping it build muscle mass, you will be required to offer it exercise and a nutritious diet. In the end, it will have muscles according to its size, age and type of body.

Why is the Female Micro Bully More Expensive?

The micro-bully female can be more costly than the male, but it all depends on the location, the breeder and the bloodline. In general, if you are looking for a quality pup, then you can expect to pay between $800 to $2,000. Keep in mind that there are breeders that can charge you more because it all depends on the character of a specific dog, as well as the pedigree. Before you purchase a micro bully, do proper research to make sure that it is a healthy and well-bred pet.

Whenever you find a dog breeder who offers a micro bully female for sale, there are a few things that you have to consider, like the bloodline, age and quality of your dog. If its color is in-demand or rare, then the breeder can charge you a lot more. Keep in mind that mostly the puppies can be less expensive than the adults because adults get bred from the champion bloodlines. The price tag gets higher if it is closer to the championship status.

You may also find a male micro puppy at a lower price, but there are chances that the breeder has undercut the legitimate one. Such types of dogs are not health-tested, and they are not even socialized in a proper manner. So, the best option is to contact a reputable breeder and do your research so that you can be sure about the bloodline of your puppy.


When you can understand the differences between the male and the micro female bully, you may wonder which option is the right option for you. The answer depends on your living conditions, preferences, and purpose for which you need the dog. The micro bully male bonds with the entire family, while the female selects a special family member and considers him the favorite. Other than that, many believe that male micro bully is more protective than female, which may be suitable as a guard. As a pet owner, you can help build the micro bully muscle, and it doesn’t matter whether you own a male or a female one. Ensure it is in good condition and has the stamina to handle any workout sessions.

Frequntely Asked Question

Is male micro bully more expensive than female?
The cost of a female micro bully is more than the male one. It is because breeding a healthy micro bully that can produce healthy puppies is difficult. Their puppies can be sold at a high price, and this is what gives importance to the female micro bully breed.
Are micro bullies naturally muscular?

When we look at Pitbulls, they are naturally strong canines. Keep in mind that variations in weight and size are common in American bullies. A muscular micro bully is a strong and robust dog because of its genetic makeup and inherent size, while careful breeding practices have an important role to play.

What to feed a micro bully to gain muscle?

Proper diet and exercise are important for the improvement of your micro bully muscle. It is better to look for a dog food brand that your pup loves better. Other than that, you need to go for at least two meals a day and look for food that is high in protein and fat, while adding peanut butter can also be great.

How much exercise does a micro-bully require?

When you have a smaller dog like the micro bully, it needs less overall exercise. The main reason is that it has shorter legs, and therefore, it has to work harder as compared to the longer-legged dogs. Giving them an hour of exercise and a few miles of walking is better.