XL Bully with Micro Mix: A Surprising Result

A photograph capturing a Micro Bully puppy and an XL Bully adult sitting side by side, highlighting their size difference. The image focuses on their expressive faces and strong builds against a simple, unobtrusive background. Bright and even lighting enhances their physical features.
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American bully is a recent dog breed that emerged in the 1980s, but when we look at it, we sure find it very attractive. When we own one, we are able to have a better understanding of it. We get insight into the temperament, physical qualities and trainability to decide whether it is the right dog for us or not. There are four main types of American bully. Out of these, the XL bully is the largest, and the micro bully is the smallest. These days, the micro bully mix with XL bully is becoming a popular choice, but it is important to understand this breed.

Although it is possible to breed any dog with another, you need to be aware of the micro bully genetics. Keep in mind that the resulting puppy may face health problems or defects in genetics. When you breed a micro bully with the largest American bully breed, the XL bully, you will find it reasonable to breed them, as they are of the same breed but different types and the major difference is their height.

A photograph featuring a close-up of the paws of a Micro Bully mix with XL Bully, symbolizing the genetic diversity of mixed breeds. The image contrasts their differing paw sizes and highlights the texture of their coats and skin against a neutral surface, emphasizing the comparison.

Can we Breed a Micro Bully and the XL Bully?

The micro bully is also known as a mini bulldog or a pocket bully, and it is bred selectively to become a smaller bulldog version. It is worth mentioning that this particular dog breed is marketed as a desirable dog because of its exaggerated features, compact size and cuteness. In order to achieve such traits, aesthetics are prioritized as compared to the health and well-being of the pet.

The XL bully is the larger American bully version that can reach up to a height of 23 inches or taller, whereas its female version is slightly shorter. It has the looks of the standard American bully but is more buff. This dog breed is heavier than other classes and is, therefore, more expensive. So, it can be a perfect breeding stock and a show dog.

When you want to breed the micro bully mix with XL bully, the puppy will be a mixed breed with differences in size as well as genetics. There could be a few possibilities, but it all depends on how well the parents are and the breeding process. Normally, the resulting puppies are larger in size than the micro bully but smaller than the XL bully. Although they may look healthy, they could have hidden genes that might be harmful to their overall health.

When are Male and Female American Bullies Prepared for Mating?

You need to be aware of the basic timeline when your male and female dogs are ready for mating so that you can have a healthy micro bully mix with XL bully.

Male Bully Dog

When the male bully dog reaches the age of between six and twelve months, then it becomes possible to breed it. However, qualified vets and reputable breeders advise that you should wait till the male dog is able to reach the age of one year.

Female Bully Dog

When it is about the female bully, it never goes to heat at the age of six months. It doesn’t mean that the dog is not ready for sexual activity, but this age is still considered to be the age of infancy. In order to do it safely, it would be better that the female dog reaches the age of between the age of one and two years.

Signs of Heat that You Should Be Ready For

  • The female dog’s increased friendliness and receptivity towards the male.
  • Aggression and restlessness.
  • Female dog moving its tail towards one side or lifting it towards the male dog.
  • Groaning, yowling, wailing and weeping.
A photograph capturing a playful encounter between a Micro Bully and an XL Bully in an open field. The scene shows their dynamic movements and muscular physiques, with the setting sun casting a warm glow and elongated shadows.

Benefits of Having Micro Bully Mix with XL Bully

There is always a bright side to everything, and when planning to breed the micro bully mix with XL bully, you should always think positively. Even if you are not able to accomplish all the targets, you will still be able to get a lot of knowledge, and soon you will be successful.

  • If you cannot create the dog you would like to have, you will still have one with specific characteristics.
  • After the first attempt, it becomes possible for you to improve the health of the future pups that you will have as a result of the selective breeding process.
  • As a dog breeder, you will gain full control of the dog’s bloodline, and if you find yourself to be successful, then you can get to a completely new one.
  • No matter what your resulting puppy is, it will become possible for you to make a profit by selling the resulting micro bully mix with XL bully puppy.
  • When you breed an American bully, you will be able to spend a lot of time with the new puppies, and this will give you a chance to understand them.
  • The ideal way to meet new people is breeding, because those will be the ones who will have the same interests as yours.

As a breeder, you need to keep in mind that, just like any process, there could be risks. Problems could arise, and this could interfere with your goals. The biggest risk is the future of the puppies and the mother because American bully, in general needs C-sections to give birth. Genetic mutation is another risk because the upcoming puppies can have a lot of health problems.

Final Thoughts

The most common trait in the micro bully and the XL bully is the boundless energy that can be misdirected if you don’t train it well. Read micro bully training tips for detailed information. Keep in mind that both these dog breeds have the ability to be great companions; therefore, your micro bully mix with XL bully will be an ideal pet for you and your family. It is worth mentioning that it is not a low-maintenance breed, and with its muscle and size, it needs more attention, exercise and high-quality food. In the end, you will be happy to have it around.