Nano bully A Breed Derived from the American Bully

A Nano Micro Bully dog with a glossy brown and black coat standing proudly in an urban park, with children and families in the background, highlighted by the late afternoon sun.
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It is the nature of human beings to get fascinated by anything that is out of the ordinary. No matter what the size, the American bully is no exception because it is a great companion and has a muscular body. The American bully has several variations; the nano micro bully is a tiny yet muscular pup and is quite new to the scene. Because of its looks, dog enthusiasts are ready to pay any price to get this majestically micro dog.

Nano bully is a new pedigree that resembles many of the larger American bullies. The best thing about the nano micro bully is that despite being small in size, it is able to maintain its muscle tone, good girth and unique look. This dog breed has a massive following because of its jaw-dropping physical characteristics, but some people call it deformed and are against breeding it because it can have several health issues due to unethical breeding.

A portrait of a Nano Bully puppy with a square head and muscular frame, centered against a blurred background of a modern apartment interior.

History of the American Nano Bully

It is a new dog breed that was recognized in 2019 and has become a favorite pet of many in no time. The American bully nano is small and compact in size, while the breeders are able to derive it from crossing the American bully and several other bully breeds, including exotics, English bulldogs, Frenchie and Shorty bulls. As it has the combined characteristics of some of the top breeds in the world, it is able to inherit a completely unique look from its ancestors.

The breeders specially create the nano bully or the cowboy micro bully to become an ultimate companion canine. People are very much impressed by its humble personality, as it is loyal to its owner and family members while very friendly to strangers and kids. Besides that, the nano bully is a very energetic, active and gentle pup, so you need to give it proper time for exercise and socializing. This way, you can be sure that your dog remains healthy and has good behavior.

An action shot of a Nano Micro Bully playing with its owner in a sunny backyard, capturing the breed's energetic and affectionate nature.

What is the General Impression of the Nano Micro Bully?

When you own a micro nano bully, there are chances that it may give you an impression of a big dog because of its features, but it has a compact, muscular frame that gives it a weight of around 30 pounds. One of the positives of the nano bully is that it comes with a playful temperament and always tries to please its owners. Although you will find it to be small in stature, this dog has a lot of courage. Other than that, it has an occasional wrinkle along the nose and muzzle, whereas its skin is tight.

A nano bully is also known as the crown micro bully, and when we have a look at its physical features, its head is square with little roundness. Besides this, its skull is wide, and the ears are cropped. Mostly, the body of such a dog is dense with heavy bones and has a lot of muscle mass. The legs of the nano bully are straight set and wide apart, whereas the toes of this dog touch the pavement when it is walking or even standing.

An illustrative comparison of a Nano Bully and a Micro Bully side by side, highlighting their physical differences in size and build against a neutral background.

Nano Bully vs Micro Bully

When we compare micro bully vs nano bully, the micro bully is a small-sized American bully breed, which is a cross between the Patterdale Terrier and the Pocket bully. Keep in mind that major kennel clubs don’t recognize this particular dog breed because it is a crossbreed and a mixed one. The dog is famous for its athletic build and friendly temperament, which this dog breed inherited from its ancestors, like the American Pitbull and the American bully.

The nano bully is a fairly new dog breed, which is a mix between the smaller dog breeds like the English bulldog, French bulldog, and Shorty bully with the American bully.

When we look at nano bully vs micro bully, the nano bully is generally an exotic bully with exaggerated features like a wider chest, bigger head, muscular body, and shorter muzzle. It is a loving and friendly dog, and its miniature size makes it very unique.


Nano Bullies are smaller than Micro Bullies. This size difference is the most noticeable feature between the two breeds.


While both breeds are known for their friendly nature, Nano Bully are often more laid-back, whereas Micro Bully are a bit more energetic.

Exercise Needs

Micro Bullies require more exercise compared to Nano Bullies due to their slightly larger size and higher energy levels.

Living Space

Nano Bullies are more adaptable to smaller living spaces like apartments, while Micro Bullies may appreciate a bit more room to move around.

Both Nano and Micro Bullies make great pets with their affectionate nature and loyalty. Understanding their differences in size, temperament, and exercise needs can help you make an informed decision about which breed is right for you and your family.

A close-up image of a Nano Micro Bully showcasing its cropped ears, muscular body, and wrinkles, set against a backdrop of a canine agility course.

Why are Nano Bullies so Expensive?

It is a fact that the nano bullies are in high demand while there is a short supply. This makes micro bully nano quite a commodity. Its ancestors are pricey dog breeds, and if you want to have this dog, you need to keep a lot of cash handy. The following are some of the reasons why this dog is very expensive.

It is New and Rare

There is no doubt that this canine is expensive because it is new and rare, and it gets quite difficult to get a hand on it. If you are among those who would like to make one as a family member, then you have to do a proper search in different places so that you are able to find the right dog breeder. The good news is that several top nano bully breeders breed some of the highest-quality dogs and even ship them to buyers.

There is a lot of Stud Service Fee

When you want to breed a nano micro bully, you should be ready to pay a lot of stud service fees. In order for the puppies to be classified as nano bullies, strict breeding standards are required to be followed by the breeder. Hence, it is common for some stud services to charge more than $10,000. So, when you plan to buy one, you have to consider the dog’s bloodline, health and appearance.

You Need to Take Care of it During Pregnancy & Delivery

This dog breed could suffer from a lot of health issues because of the structure of the muscles and respiratory system. So, you need to take extra care of the mother of the American bull nano micro during the time of pregnancy and delivery. Chances are that different complications can arise for the mother and the pups. Therefore, you need to keep monitoring it and pay regular visits to the vet.

Numerous Coat Colors

The coat color of the micro nano bully plays a big role in its final cost when you are purchasing it. The best thing about this dog is that you can find it in any coat color. Other than that, there are numerous patterns which make this dog unique. Buyers are ready to accept a nano bully in any color and pattern.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, a nano bully is an unusual and rare dog breed, which is why it is quite expensive. This dog breed comes with a huge number of health problems and can even have problems in pregnancies as well as complications in birth. Other than that, it can have movement problems because of its compact size, muscular build and very small legs. Some people have grave doubts about the breeding ethics of the nano micro bully, which can make its life relatively short and quite painful.