What Makes the Ghost Tri Bully So Special

A tri-color American Bully stands in a sunlit park, its glossy white, black, and tan coat shining in the sunlight, with a family playing in the background, underscoring the dog's role as a beloved family pet.
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American bullies are famous for their unique color combinations. This dog breed has beautiful looks, and because of its great temperament, it makes a fantastic family pet. American bully with tri-color is considered to be quite rare because the breeders only tried to create them recently. Those who have heard about American bully must think about the ghost tri micro bully adorned for its tri-colored ghost patterns and unique color.

When you have a look at the muscular and agile build of the micro bully with a tri-color, there could nothing be less than a sight for your sore eyes. Whether you have started to explore the realm of canines or you are a long-adoring dog enthusiast, the ghost tri micro bully is capable of captivating your heart due to its extraordinary appearance. There is a lot more to this marvel with a tri-color than meets the eye.

A warm photograph of ghost tri micro Bully parents with their litter, each puppy displaying unique tri-colored coats, highlighting the genetic rarity and playful nature of the puppies in a domestic setting.

What Makes a Micro Bully Ghost Tri?

The Ghost Tri micro bully puppies are known to be among the most popular pets, and because of this, there is a high demand for such dogs, even though this color is quite rare. The gene creating the three-colored coat on a micro bully is recessive. So, if you want a micro bully puppy to have this coat, then it is a must for both parents to have a recessive gene. Although micro bully is a very friendly canine, its dominant temperament trait of being aggressive to other dog breeds makes it different.

There are a number of people who may not have the slightest idea why this tri-colored micro bully is called ‘Ghost.’ The main reason is that this dog comes with a white coat that makes it invisible when in the dark, and this is something that many people like. Those who have heard about it must have been intrigued about the origins, physical features, and temperament of this American bully breed.

A profile view of a ghost tri micro Bully, showcasing its bulky body, muscular structure, and distinctive black, tan, and white coat, with a focus on its square-shaped head and large jaws.

Physical Features of the Ghost Tri Micro Bully

There is no doubt that the ghost tri micro bully comes with a captivating physical appearance, and this is what separates it from other breeds of the American bully. People’s attention is drawn to its tri-colored coat that comes with a fantastic ghost pattern. Other than that, this canine’s bulky body and muscular structure offer a breathtaking sight.

Coat Colors & Different Patterns

The most distinctive physical feature of this American bully breed is its coat. When we have a close look at it, there are three separate shades on the coat. Out of these shades, white, black, blue, or tan are the predominant ones. There is a huge swath of black that characterizes the tri-colored pattern of the dog. Its body is engulfed in it, while there are tan markings and gleaming white patches. The coat of this canine is short, glossy, and close-fitting.


The ghost tri micro bully falls in the small size range of the American bully dogs. The male micro bully stands between 10 to 14 inches in size, while the female is a little smaller. In terms of weight, a micro bully with a ghost tri color stands between 20 to 40 pounds. Although it is a much smaller breed than the pocket bully, it shares a lot of physical traits that we can commonly see in a pocket bully.

Body Structure

The body structure of this canine is strong and muscular, and that is why it represents a powerful presence. The chest of the micro bully is deep and broad, while the bone structure is well-defined with a large head that is square-shaped. Its sizable jaws and cheek muscles complement the other attributes. Keep in mind that the back of this dog remains slightly short, and the whole body weight is placed on the small legs.

A lively lifestyle photograph of a ghost tri micro Bully playing fetch with children in a backyard, capturing the breed's friendly and confident temperament and energetic spirit in mid-action.

Ghost Tri Micro Bully Temperament

No matter what the color, a micro bully is generally a sweet-natured canine who is highly attached to the owner. You will find this dog to be friendly, confident, outgoing, and very charming. Keep in mind that the ghost tri micro bully can be territorial and possessive at times, but it normally gets well with children and other pets.


A bully is a quick learner and a very intelligent pet. It is possible to harness this intelligence through positive reinforcement training and teaching it in a good manner. The dog is quite energetic and playful by nature. As an owner, you will notice that it loves to fetch, enjoys interactive games, and gets involved in any other activity that tends to engage its mind as well as the body.

Loyal and Affectionate

Whether it is the ghost tri micro bully or any other breed, the American bully is considered to be very loyal and affectionate towards family members and even other people. It is known to form a very strong bond with the owner right from a young age and keeps itself highly devoted throughout its life. So, it is not only the looks but also loyalty that makes people love this dog breed.

People Oriented

Every American bully breed, including the micro bully, requires proper socialization from a very young age. When you expose it to other places, people, and animals, this helps to prevent its fear-based behaviors. It comes with a naturally protective instinct towards its home and family. So, if there are any potential threats, it alerts the owners, and they may also stay cautious around strangers.

Final Thoughts

When we go deep into the captivating world of different dog breeds, we are able to realize that they are rich with diversity, as each breed has its own unique characteristics and charm to offer. Although the ghost tri micro bully is not recognized as an established dog breed, it surely evokes a sense of allure and mystery. Because of this, there is a hint that the tri-colored markings on the dog have the grace and strength of some of the greatest breeds of the American bully.