The Rarity of the Tri Color Micro Bully

A group of Tri Color Micro Bullies outdoors, with one prominently displaying its tricolor coat in golden hour light.
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One would be quite amazed to find out that the most loving and iconic dog in America and other countries of the world is an American bully. Over the past few years, the micro bully variant has become immensely popular because of its small size, compact body and muscular build. Although it can be found in standard as well as rare colors, the tri color micro bully has become the talk of the town because of its unique appearance.

It is a kind of American bully that comes with three colors on the coat. These include the base color, with white and tan points. The base color of the micro bully tri could be anything from black, chocolate, and blue to lilac. It is worth mentioning that the base color can be affected by the intensity of genes, dilution or other patterns. With a great personality and characteristics, a micro bully with a tri color can be your perfect family member.

A Tri Color Micro Bully sitting among vintage books, highlighted in sepia tones to evoke 19th-century charm.

The Origin of a Tri Color Gene in a Micro Bully

In order to understand the reasons for the tri color pattern in a micro bully, you must understand the elements that can affect the color of the dog. Two types of pigments determine their colors, the red and the black. Since the inception of the bully breed, the American bully and the American Pit Bull Terrier have had the tan point gene. When we look at the early ancestors of the tricolor micro bully, this gene was the result of cross-breeding in the 19th century between bulldogs and smooth fox terriers.

The tan point allele in the smooth fox terrier is acquired from the black and tan terriers that were there in the previous century. This allele then passed from the American Pitbull Terrier to the Staffordshire Terrier, and now it can be found in micro bully, which is the American bully variant. Because of having more than two colors, the tri color micro bully price is on the higher side, as it is quite rare and remains the demand of dog enthusiasts.

Four Tri Color Micro Bullies in chocolate, black, lilac, and blue, side by side against a neutral backdrop, each color vibrant against the subtle background.

Colors of a Tri Color Micro Bully

You will find a number of micro tri bully color combinations, and as its three-colored coat pattern is known to be a recessive gene, it is quite rare. It is also one of the reasons for different markings and colors in this particular coat pattern.

Chocolate Tri Bully

This particular color in a micro bully is also known as the liver. It would help if you kept in mind that it is a black gene dilution and is recessive. Because of this, you will get this version of the tri color micro bully being less common than the black one.

Black Tri Bully

When we talk about one of the common tri colors that we are able to see in a micro bully, then it is the black one. You can easily find this coloring in every American bully breed because it only needs the addition of the tan gene, which is quite rare.

Lilac Tri Bully

This coat color works the same way as the blue one. The only difference is that the lilac micro bully tri gets the diluted gene from the chocolate bully. So, in addition to the tri color, the two rare effects are able to give you a unique combination.

Blue Tri Bully

The blue one is the outcome of the dilution gene that can have an effect on the liver and the black coats. The dilution gene present with the black coat results in the blue tri colored micro bully. It is important to understand that this gene is rare, so when you go to buy a blue tri color micro bully for sale, you may have to pay a lot more for it.

A Tri Color Micro Bully alongside a common American Bully in a park, the tricolor coat contrasting with the solid color, highlighted by the warm afternoon sun.

Difference Between a Tri Color Micro Bully and a Common Bully

The tricolor coat pattern is quite a common feature in the majority of dog breeds, but the glimpse of a tricolor micro bully is somewhat rare. This rare pattern is the resulting output of several breeders who gambled on the mixed breed gene pool on the recessive gene and nature. The following are some of the main differences between the micro bully having a tri color and a regular one.

Temperament and Health

Like most American bully types, the micro tri bully can vary in temperament and health. However generally, this particular breed is considered to be very friendly and healthy, but as it is small in size, it can be prone to certain health-related issues that need to be addressed.


Its markings are the most distinctive feature in any micro bully having a tri color. You can find a micro bully in a huge number of color combinations, and the tri color is still rare, and many people like to have it. This particular breed can have black ears and mask, which you may not find quite common.

Height and Weight

A micro bully tri is certainly more significant than a micro bully with any other color. On average, it can weigh around 25 pounds and can stand at about 13 inches in height. Its large head and muscular body is the most prominent feature that has made it a popular breed.

A pair of Tri Color Micro Bullies stand next to a litter of puppies with diverse coat patterns in a breeder's facility, with educational genetics charts in the background.

How do Breeders Produce a Micro Tri Bully?

There are a number of people who ask questions regarding how the breeders produce the tri color micro bully. In order to produce this particular breed, they require tri-colored parents. This way, they are able to produce a whole tri litter. You need to keep in mind that if you go with one tri-colored parent and another as a tri-carrier parent, then there are chances that you may get a 50% tri and the remaining 50% tri-carrier litter.

Another important factor to note is that if there is one tri parent, while the other dog is not a tri carrier, then the litter will be a tri carrier. In case both the micro bully parents are tri carriers, then they will have 50% tri carriers, 25% tri, and the remaining 25% would not be tri carriers. Chocolate, blue and lilac are among the common coat color carriers of the tan point gene. When the owners breed such type of a micro tri bully, then there is a good chance of having the micro bully offspring with the desired color.

Studio photograph of a prestigious Tri Color Micro Bully on a pedestal with price tags above it.

What is the Average Price Range of a Tri Color Micro Bully?

The tri color micro bully price that you have to pay depends on a number of factors. These include the build, size, bloodline and all the colors responsible for making the tri pattern in the micro bully. The intricate coat color of the micro bully with a tri color is the reason why many people consider it more valuable than any other type of micro bully. You may only sometimes find a tri-colored micro bully more expensive than the other colors.

When you go to buy a tri color micro bully, you will notice that the average price range of its puppies is between $500 to $2,000. Still, you will find some breeders charge a lot more or even less, as it completely depends on the dog’s bloodline. The coat color is a completely genetic trait that passes down from the micro bully parents to the offspring. There are many ways to express the allele, so that you will find different variations and prices in a micro bully.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about a rare, beautiful pup with an ideal personality, the tri color micro bully is the first thing that clicks our minds. Although there is a misconception about the breed quality of this particular dog, it is the coat color that is the main difference between this micro bully and others. Instead of having a standard or two colors, a micro bully tri has a coat that combines three colors. Your micro bully is a friendly pup, but in order to keep it stimulated, you have to give it proper exercise. In the end, you will find it to be an unbeatable companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two tri-colored micro bullies produce a puppy other than a tri color?

When you breed two tri-colored micro bullies, the offspring will be 100% tricolored. However, there could be a number of genetic factors determining whether the tan points will be visible in the tricolor micro bully or not. So, you need to have information regarding the genetics of the micro bully.

Are there any health problems associated with the tri-colored micro bullies?

In general, a micro bully with a tricolor is gregarious and healthy. However, like other dog breeds, it can be susceptible to certain health problems. These include congenital heart disease, hip dysplasia and skin disease. If you want to ensure that your micro bully remains healthy, you need to buy one from a reputable breeder and offer it proper exercise and training.

Which tri color micro bully is the rarest?

There is no doubt that every tri-colored micro bully is considered to be a rare breed. But the lilac, blue and ghost tan micro bully is even rarer. Another important thing to note is that a rare tri color micro bully price can be as high as $10,000. Keep in mind that it can be worth differently based on the breeder and the bloodline.