Is Micro Bully Pug Mix the Right Dog for Your Family?

Photograph of a small, playful Micro Bully Pug Mix dog comfortably nestled in a family living room. The dog's cream and tan coat is highlighted by sunlight streaming through a nearby window. The room features soft-colored furniture, adding to the warm, welcoming atmosphere.
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When it is about the youngest dog breeds that are in existence, then the American bully is at the top of the list. There is no doubt that the American bully mixes are considered to be the most beloved pups. Although the emergence of this dog breed was quite rapid as compared to other dogs, its variants quickly rose to popularity. Micro bully mixed with pug is among the famous American bully varieties and has become a status symbol.

For a dog enthusiast, it is natural to have a micro bully pug mix at home. When one keeps this dog breed, he will find it to be the most loyal and the best companion. But, when one has to search for a furry friend for the family, it is important to have more information about a particular dog breed and its personality. Besides that, one also has to consider how to groom it and care for its health.

Photograph of a Micro Bully Pug Mix dog exhibiting a strong yet friendly stance as it guards the front door of a house. The dog's watchful nature combines the protective traits of the Micro Bully with the affable personality of the Pug. The suburban house exterior and doorframe set the scene, with natural lighting casting gentle shadows and highlighting the dog's attentive posture.

The Emergence of the Micro Bully Pug Mix

The micro bully mixed with pug may have existed naturally for a long time, but the designer breeders‘ intentional mixing of the micro bully and the pug started a few years back. In general, the breeders had a goal to mix the parent breeds so that they could create a companion pup that would be perfect. Mixing two dog breeds can prevent several issues that can come with the inbreeding of a pure dog breed.

People are still creating mixed-breed pups because their demand is very high. Although this particular dog breed is a designer one, it is still considered to be quite rare, and you may not be able to find out very commonly. Because of this, you may have to make yourself ready to pay a little high price, as this dog would certainly have jaw-dropping looks that will make you love it.

How is the Personality of the Micro Bully Mixed with Pug?

Those who love the micro bully pug mix describe the temperament of this dog as very protective and playful. Although the size of this dog is smaller than an average lap dog, its energy levels are high, which means that it requires a lot of playtime. Other than that, this dog loves to accompany you throughout the day. The following are some of the personality traits of this mixed dog breed.

  • It is quite common for the mix of micro bully and pug to have a prey drive. Because of this, you have to socialize it early, and it will get along great even with other pets.


  • This kind of dog breed thrives on physical and mental stimulation, which means that it requires proper attention from your side.


  • It will get an alert when a suspicious character approaches the door of your house. Keep in mind that micro bully is generally a perfect watchdog; therefore, this mix breed has numerous micro bully traits.


  • Many people don’t realize that early training is the best way to keep the dog on track. This designer breed looks for a strong leader and may test the patience of its owner. If you want the training to go smoothly, it will be better to train it with love.
  • Another common thing that can be seen in this mix of micro bully and pug is that it can latch on to the caregiver. In general, it is a very affectionate and friendly pup. Therefore, as a dog owner, you have to make sure you give it proper attention and care so that it becomes a protector of your family.
Photograph of a Micro Bully Pug Mix dog during a grooming session, highlighting its multicolored coat of black, brown, and white. The dog appears relaxed and content as it enjoys a brushing session in a sunny, grassy backyard. Grooming accessories, including a brush and mild shampoo, are visible, emphasizing the ease of maintaining the dog's short coat. The natural sunlight creates soft shadows, enhancing the dog's coat's colors.

Grooming and Coat Color of the Micro bully Pug Mix

The coat color of the pug bull and micro bully mix often comes from its micro bully and pug parents. The main colors of this dog breed are cream, tan, black, brown, white and red. It is worth mentioning that this dog breed is generally a blend of two or more colors as the dog is not hypoallergenic, which means you can easily groom its short coat. Brushing it two or three times a week would be sufficient.

You also have to bathe your beloved pup with a mild shampoo when needed. Keep in mind that this dog comes with a shorter coat; therefore, it may not be suitable for extreme weather conditions. So, for winter, you may require a coat for the dog. Other than that, you may have to apply dog sunscreen to the nose, ears and other sensitive areas, especially in the months of summer.

In appearance, the micro bully breed mix always has some differences because it all depends on the bloodline. You will find some to resemble the Pocket bullies and look like their miniature version, others like the mini Frenchies, whereas you will find others like the small bulldogs. You must be wondering why there is a difference in micro bullies; the reason is that this particular breed doesn’t have a proper standard, while many micro bullies have bulldogs in the lineage.

Photograph of a Micro Bully Pug Mix dog in a training session at a park, showcasing its intelligence and attentiveness. The dog is focused on its trainer's commands, demonstrating a strong bond and eagerness to learn. The serene park setting is lush with greenery, bathed in soft natural light, creating a calm and encouraging atmosphere for the training session.

How to Feed the Micro Bully Mixed with Pug?

An ideal diet for this mixed dog breed should be the one that comes with medium to high energy. If you overfeed this dog, it can get obese. Therefore, you need to stick to a regular feeding schedule and limit the number of dog treats so that the dog remains in good health. As a dog parent, you should understand your dog’s dietary requirements much better than anyone else.

Just like other dogs, the dietary needs of the micro bully pug mix can change from a young age to adulthood, and the change will continue till it reaches the senior years. If you need clarification about your dog’s diet, then the best way is to ask the vet. This way, you will get specific recommendations regarding your dog’s energy, weight and health.

Final Thoughts

The micro bully mixed with pug will take a few of its qualities from the parent breeds and combine them into a caring and intelligent pup. If you want to own one of these dog breeds, then you need to have more information about it. When it becomes hard for you to be around or train your furry friend, then it is better to go for another dog breed. Other than that, hiring a dog training expert could be the best option. In the end, you can be sure that you have the best dog that would love to be around you.