Micro Versus XL Bully, Which Suits You Best?

A photograph of two American bullies, a micro bully vs XL bully, side by side in a park. The micro bully is small and compact with distinct muscle definition, while the XL bully stands tall with a muscular build and broad chest. Both dogs exhibit friendly demeanors, their glossy coats catching soft afternoon light against a green grass and tree backdrop.
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American bully is among a few dog breeds built like a tank and appears like a mean canine. Although many people get scared when looking at it, inside that stoic and poppy muscles is a very lovable and gentle dog that gives plenty of chill time and love to its owners. American bully is divided into four main categories, and the XL bully and the micro bully are among the largest and the smallest versions of this breed.

There are a few differences between micro bully vs XL bully that you have to consider when purchasing one. XL is the most misunderstood and mishandled dog breed because it is compared with the Pitbull. On the other hand, micro bully has aggressive looks, but its friendly nature and small size make the majority of people fall in love with it. Although both dogs are ideal pets to have, you still need to look at their history and features to make the final decision.

photograph of an imposing XL American Bully standing confidently in an urban environment, symbolizing its role as a family companion dog. The muscular silhouette of the Bully is set against a cityscape, reflecting strength and loyalty. The late afternoon light creates a soft halo around its glossy coat, contrasting its tough appearance with a gentle gaze towards the camera.

History of XL Bully

When we make the comparison between micro bully vs XL bully, both dogs are distinct in a number of ways. The history of the XL bully goes back to the 1990s when it was specially created to become a family companion dog. Although this dog comes with a strong build and a tough look, it is extremely intelligent, loveable and a loyal pup to have. It is worth mentioning that the XL bully is a mix of Pitbull and the American bully.

Many people consider XL bully as a type of Pitbull because, at first glance, it resembles a lot of it, but it is a completely different dog. When we look at the micro bully, its body shape resembles quite a bit with the XL bully, but there is a huge difference in size. The main difference is the temperament between both dogs. Micro bullies are somewhat calm in nature, whereas the XL bully can sometimes become aggressive, which is why some people don’t prefer it.

A photograph of a charming Micro American Bully in a domestic setting, showcasing its compact frame and defined muscles. Surrounded by playful objects, the pup highlights its friendly nature against the backdrop of a modern home. Soft lighting enhances its approachable and sweet persona, illustrating the Micro Bully's suitability for home life.

History of Micro Bully

Micro bully is a new dog breed that emerged a few years back. It is the smallest category of the American bully and was created by crossing the terrier, bulldogs and the pocket bully. This way, the breeders are able to achieve a specific temperament and appearance for this dog. The purpose of developing the American bully was to have a laid-back personality as compared to the Pitbull but add bulk to the athletic and lean body of the Pitbull.

When comparing the micro bully vs XL bully, the American Kennel Club don’t recognize both the dog breeds. Although it is not clear exactly when the micro bully arrived at the scene, it surely made an impact because it is the favorite dog of many Americans. As compared to the XL bully, the micro bully is a compact and smaller dog. There might be a few differences, but it still has a distinctive temperament and appearance.

Micro Bully vs XL Bully

The XL bully is considerably larger than the micro bully. The male XL bully can reach a height of around 26 inches, whereas the female can be 25 inches tall. Keep in mind that the weight of this dog can reach up to 150 pounds. The XL bully could be a very big and strong dog, and as a dog parent, you will notice a muscular build, large head and short legs representing the XL bully.

In comparison, the micro bully has well-defined muscles. Even though this dog is muscular and strongly built, there is a soft and sweet personality that differs from others. Secondly, it is very small, as it can reach around 13 inches and weigh up to 30 pounds. Some specific attributes of the micro bully include wrinkly skin, and as the dog grows, these wrinkles start to become prominent.

The Price Range of Micro and XL Bully Puppies

When we compare micro bully vs XL bully in price, micro bully is a lot pricier than the XL bully. The price of an XL bully puppy is around $1,200, whereas the price of a micro bully puppy can start from $2,000 and reach up to $5,000. Other than that, you can easily find many XL bullies in the shelters in America, and it can drive their prices down. It is important to understand that the American bully’s price depends on the dog’s shape and size, while the birthing process also has a lot to do with the price.

When you are working with a famous or celebrity dog breeder, you can expect to pay a lot more price, whether it is the micro bully or the XL bully. You should always contact a reputable breeder if you are planning to buy an American bully. There are many who love to fight the dogs, and this is where they use the XL bully; it can be a prime target for this cruel sport.

Micro bully is an exotic breed, and having one has become quite a fashion, as it is very small in size but has jaw-dropping looks. There are breeders who love to make money, and that is why they don’t care about the health of the pups. So, whether you are going for the XL bully or you prefer a smaller version, the micro bully, it would be better to do proper research and make sure that the breeder can create healthy pups.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to have a fun, easily trainable and loving dog, then the micro bully is the right dog for you. It is difficult to compare the micro bully vs XL bully, but the micro bully might be a better choice because of size. Although the stature of the XL bully is impressive and can sometimes be intimidating, it is also attention-seeking and affectionate. Micro bully looks quite similar to the XL bully, but the traits of these dogs may be a bit different. All in all, micro bully is an ideal choice for any family or the ones who want a loyal companion.